Anti Aging Tips You Can Easily Follow

Anti Aging  Tips – Add These Wonder Foods To Your Diet For Visible Results

One common New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy so that we can get rid of those wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines that have lately started residing on our face. The question is, how many of us follow this religiously till the end of the year? To be frank, only 5%. It gives me enough pain to say that gone are the days when these trouble mongers used to start appearing on face and neck in late 40’s. Now, you would notice them in your mid-20’s! Well, I know that there is a lot going on around us that contributes to this. But still, does this mean we shouldn’t work our ass out on this? Try these anti aging tips then!


If you have been piling your plate with all that junk food and super oily or sweet foods, wake up! With this, you are just adding to those years. Mark my words; until and unless you go in for a complete anti-aging diet, those creams and gels won’t work. To bring out the beautiful you, add loads and loads of vital nutrients to your diet.

Follow a healthy lifestyle, try and stay active and add a balanced diet to stave off from those awful signs of aging.  Add anti-oxidants and other nutrient-rich foods to your diet and within few weeks you will see those wrinkles and blemishes fading away. Follow these anti aging tips:

Olive Oil – The Best Anti-Aging Super Food

Acting as a wonder anti aging food for decades now, this amazing olive oil is jam-packed with antioxidants and monosaturated fats that promise to slow down the aging process.

Salmon – Makes Your Skin Go Plump

We all know that aging occurs when our skin tends to loose on its elasticity and this causes wrinkles anAnti-Aging-Tips-You-Can-Easily-Follow-1d fine lines. With 120g of salmon every week you are going to get back that lost skin firmness and your skin will start looking hydrated and fresh.

Yogurt – Comes With Incredible Age Defying Powers

All those good bacteria present in yogurt not only give you a super healthy digestive tract but also act as a secret anti aging ingredient. Loaded with calcium, it is going to diminish all those aging signs bringing back a youthful skin.

Nuts – Go Nutty For That Flawless Looking Skin

For all those who are already meddling hard with those aging signs, adding nuts to the diet could be a game changer. These are loaded with oils, vitamins, minerals and fiber. In fact, it is a super food to promote an overall health of your skin. As a result, it gives your body the strength it needs to fight those aging-related diseases.

Spinach – Bursting With Vital Antioxidants

Spinach is a wonder food for the ones who want to live young and stay healthy. It contains vital antioxidants, Vitamin C, K and E along with a powerful dosage of phytonutrients. Along with iron and folate, spinach acts as a skin cell rejuvenator and more so promotes skin healing. Try and have at least 5 cups of spinach a week. As a result, your blemishes will disappear in no time.

Garlic – Cook Food Using It To Kill Affects Of Aging

Try and cook every meal with a good amount of garlic. The oils present in it will help promote the growth of white blood cells. Adding to your body’s germ and aging fighting ability, garlic acts wonders in lowering HDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Because of this, you will become healthier!

Blueberries – Protect Skin From Damage

We all know that the pollution outside does immense damage to the skin. Add a bowl full of blueberries to your diet to fight this at the right time. Antioxidants present in blueberries help in collagen formation. As a result of this, your skin is going to get back its softness and suppleness. That, and would look younger inside out.

Chickpeas – Must For Clear & Fresh Looking Skin

For anyone who wants to get back that younger and vibrant looking skin, these are one of the best anti aging tips for you! Try adding legumes to the diet would be a must do. Chickpeas are high in antioxidants and help in the formation of phytoestrogens and collagen. Apart from this, you can try out borlotti beans and kidney beans as they too will give similar results.

Chocolate – Helps Maintain Skin Youthfulness

If you want to get back that youthfulness, try and have a chocolate in watchful proportions. While it is not so generous, as this would add to the calorie intake.

With all these wonder anti aging tips and superfoods, try and practice meditation and yoga. Because of this, you will get that young and vibrant looking skin and a healthy body in no time. In conclusion, your body will thank you!


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