Beauty Tips Makeup Artists Follow Today!

Admit it, we all are beauty obsessed to an extent. Most of us have tried those magical beauty hacks at least once. We all follow our favorite celebs, watch tutorials, and practice it on ourselves to get that perfect makeup. Doing this, we sometimes make big mistakes. Instead of that happening again, we show you the best beauty tips to follow today.

Beauty Tips 101

I have watched current makeup trends closely. I notice that the world is either going nude or dramatic with makeup. This really fascinated me enough to learn on getting both these looks. Along with the trends, I kept reading those recommendations and suggestions given by top beauty experts and makeup artists. I have compiled a list of those so that I could share it with you. If you want to have that perfect makeup every time, go by these beauty tips. I have found them really helpful.

# Tip-1: Moisturize, But Don’t Over Moisturize

Always thought that extra layer of moisturizer prevents aging? These top the list most of us make while doing our makeup.  Most of the beauty experts suggest going less on moisturizer. This is because beauty products today already have a tinge of these. Going overboard would make makeup start dripping down. If you have extremely dry skin, exfoliate with a moisturizing scrub. Do not use any chemical products on it. This is going to cut the need of moisturizing.

# Tip-2: Never Skip The Makeup Base

Well, you need to seal the canvas with an aim that the makeup would come out perfect. Because of this, you will also need to save your skin from all those chemicals. Always use a primer base on areas where you want to apply makeup. If you plan to go with anything too bold or intensive such as smoky eyes, get a base on the eyelids. Go for below the eyes to stay away from those puffy eyes in future.

Beauty-Tips-Makeup-Artists-Follow-Today-2 # Tip-3:  A Right Foundation Application

Usually, makeup starts by applying foundation. To get the best out of this, you need to learn the right method for application. Never apply foundation in layers. Instead, get a little on the back of your hand, and then spread it all over the face in the form of tiny dots. Spread it evenly with a beauty blender, or even your fingers. In case you are looking for an extra coverage, reapply it only on the areas that need it. Try not to spread it, just pat slowly until it gets into the skin. With the world going all gaga over foundations, this tip will give you that flawless looking face in a few minutes. Because of this, you will now you have some hot Facebook and Instagram uploads.

# Tip-4: Kill Blackheads Gently

Almost every 3rd person out there faces a tough time doing makeup. All thanks to those troublesome blackheads. Are you dealing with blackheads? You need to understand the basic fact that your nose needs extra moisture, cleansing, and exfoliation. Go with a cleansing product that has salicylic acid. It will help you get rid of all those clogs with ease without any dryness or irritation.

# Tip-5: Know The Oils- Use Them Wisely

It is a common regime. Most of us use oil to remove makeup, but not many are aware of the after effects of these. Never use coconut oil on the face when removing makeup. That is an important tip that came from a pro makeup artist in a recent fashion show. It has been said that coconut tends to make the skin color dark. Instead of this, you can use castor oil or any other fragrant oil of your choice.

# Tip-6: A Little Blush Could Bring In Major Makeup Transformation

Have you stayed away from blush because you couldn’t get it right? You need to know that there are some good brushes that will be of help. Using these brushes, you can apply blush like a pro. Add that tinge of sharpness to your face contours.

I am sure you will start enjoying your makeup sessions, now that you know the latest beauty tips. You will now be able to come out with a different look each time.


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