Best Productivity Apps of 2016

Technology has become very vast, with it quickly advancing through the new smartphones. Features are added to it in order to further improve the lifestyle of everyone. Not only that, but it’s also a great source of entertainment!
Everyone can take advantage of smartphones and other techy gadgets, whether they are children down to senior citizens! Whether you’re a student needing to do homework or an adult making business proposals, you’ll definitely find use from a good quality smartphone. And with apps, you’ll be able to make it even better. In this article, we show you the best productivity apps. These are for people of all ages, suitable for any smartphone, may it be iOS or Android.

What Are Apps?

An app is short for applications. These applications are added widgets or extensions installed on your smartphone, with its purpose to further improve the lives of people. They can be entertaining, or they can be productive. Some of them are suitable for kids, some for adults. It all depends on the want or need of the user. It can be found in the App Store for Apple products and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. There’s no limit to the apps you can choose from, as it comes in different categories. You’ll find everything you want or need!

There are millions of apps to choose from created by various developers. Do you want something to entertain you? There are movie streaming apps and games suitable for kids and adults alike. Do you need a productivity app for school or work? Then you’ll be able to find apps that help organize events or help you remember your homework! You can even find fitness apps and apps that post the latest news. All in that little smartphone of yours!

Best Productivity AppsBest-Productivity-Apps-of-2016-2

Because the best productivity apps are what help you remain productive, you’ll be able to find millions of them for you to install. But you obviously can’t install everything you see. So instead of wasting time looking for the ones you need, here are the best productivity apps:

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

These are not only great for those who need to make a quick presentation on the go, but for viewing documents as well. It’s a necessity for all PCs to have these apps, and now it’s on smartphones.

2. Outlook

Outlook is similar to the Email feature of your smartphone, but with added features. It adds all of your emails together, along with contacts and your events. It even enables you to make sure you are notified when important emails come along.

3. Google Drive

Now, you’ll be able to upload or download anything to your smartphone using Google Drive. Instead of taking up space with all your attachments or emailing it to individual people, post it on your Google Drive for them to see and download.

4. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular organization apps that post your to-do lists, as well as upcoming events and things you need to remember. It’s organized, easy to use, and you can share it with other people.

5. LastPass

If you’re one who always forgets their passwords, then this is the app for you. LastPass will help you remember all your usernames and passwords of accounts, with it saving this information into its app. Don’t worry, it’s safe and secure to use!

6. Feedly

For those who need to be updated with the latest news or things of their interest, then Feedly is there for them. Instead of going through countless of websites or apps, they can have it all rolled into one app for viewing. It saves time and space!

7. Pocket

So as not to waste time reading articles when you’re supposed to be working, Pocket will help you save these articles for offline reading later on after work hours.


Just like Trello, this app is one of the best apps for organization. You can even dictate your to-do list and have it added to the app in no time. It notifies you what you need to do and when, as well as when the due date is.

In Conclusion

These apps are what will help you improve your lifestyle and productivity. Through their features and user friendliness, you will, therefore, be able to find much use of it and make your life easier! Plus, most of these are free of charge. You can easily download them. All you need to do is to search for the app you want on the App or Google Play Store, and once installed, start using it as much as you want. Besides the storage of your smartphone, there’s no limit as to what best productivity apps you want or need. Thanks to technology, it’s now all found on your smartphone.

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