Best Sex Workouts: Get in Shape When in Bed!

Being fit and healthy entails the right food and exercise. While you can differentiate what’s healthy and what’s junk for your body, it might be hard doing the same with exercise. That’s because there are hundreds of workouts you can do! So what is the best type of exercise you can do? Many people will be surprised that sex is an ideal choice for couples. Yes, you’ll be able to find the best sex workouts, without the need for any gym equipment. Just a bit of foreplay and the right feeling, and you’ll be able to burn a lot of calories and tone your body.

Wondering what the best sex workouts are? Read on as we show you our top positions and the best sex workouts you can try with your partner.

Best Sex Workoutsbest sex workouts

Looking for the best sex workouts to do with your spouse and improve in best? Here are our top choices on positions and workouts you can do yourself or with your partner for better sex and a toned body:

  1. Missionary

    This is one of the most common positions to do, but it actually creates a great workout. For those on top and pushing, you’ll be able to tone your core. Those on the bottom can also take advantage of their core strength through returning the thrusts.

    But that is if you position and thrust wisely! Make sure that when you’re doing the missionary position and thrusting, you use your pelvis rather than your lower back. This reduces chances of injury and optimizes the core.

    Another workout the missionary position can give would be your butt. If your girl clenches her butt throughout the whole position, she’ll be able to lift and strengthen her glutes.

  2. Doggy Style

    Another favorite and popular among couples, the doggy style may seem to only stay in one position, but believe me when I say it makes a great whole body workout! It engages the woman’s core since they’re on all fours. It also helps work on quads and glutes as well.

    You can make it into a good arm workout by putting your arms against a wall than on the floor.

  3. Cowgirl

    This leaves the woman to do all the work, but is still very enjoyable and can tone your lower body. As if you were riding a horse, embracing your legs around someone’s body can engage your butt and core. You flex your lower abs and pelvic muscles.

    You can intensify the workout by balancing yourself and positioning yourself into a squat, which works on your butt even more! Or, you can enhance your balance by positioning yourself upward and try to work on your balance when sitting upright.

  4. Standing Position

    This is a very intense position that works for both man and woman. After all, the man is lifting his girl as a way to have sex (or it can be the other way around, which might be cooler!). When the both of you face each other, you work your upper body and engage your core as you try to balance yourself and keep upright. Of course, the guy gets major points for lifting you up, improving his muscular strength.

  5. Bridge

    The Bridge is a very advanced position that requires a lot of balance on the girl’s side. She needs to stabilize herself throughout the whole position so she won’t crash during every thrust. This works your inner thigh and buttocks since that’s where you’ll try your best to keep yourself up. It also works your arms and legs as you’ll be on all fours, but upside down! It definitely burns your lower body after five minutes.

These best sex workouts can be easy to do and won’t only burn calories, but tone your body and improve on your strength. While you can do this every day, you can also schedule it every other day for about half an hour with your partner. I’m sure he’ll love it!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sexy and enjoyable exercise to do with your spouse, ten you can try the best sex workouts that are easy to do and will tone your body in no time. Not only can you do these workouts anytime, you’ll be able to do it without the fancy equipment or hefty gym fees.

Hopefully, this article on the best sex workouts helped you realize what you should try for you and your spouse. They have tons of benefits you’ll be able to reap, all with burning calories. So what are you waiting for? If you’re in the mood and want to introduce exercises with your spouse, then you know what to do tonight.

If you have any more questions or tips on the best sex workouts, then comment down below! We’d love to hear what you have to think.

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