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Cheap Delicious Recipes For Your Next Meal

When it comes to being fit and healthy, one of the most important things you must take account for would be the proper diet. There must be balanced and rich with the proper nutrients in order for you to reap the many benefits it has to offer. The food you eat is definitely important to sustain a good lifestyle, not only physically, but mentally as well. But preparing healthy meals may be a bit complicated for beginners. This goes especially for those who are also on a budget. People often mistake healthy dishes for something expensive and difficult to prepare, but that certainly isn’t the case. You can find a ton of recipes that are easy to make and go easy on your wallet.  For those looking for cheap delicious recipes, we give you two of our favorites that you can make anytime, with one of them good for vegetarians.

Cheap Delicious Recipes To Try At Home!

Are you wondering what the best cheap delicious recipes are? We give you two to start off with!

1. Kidney Bean Curry

Do you fancy Indian cuisine for lunch or dinner? Then try this kidney bean curry! These are great for the vegetarians looking for a protein boost. Beans are rich in protein and great for your system, and with the curry spices, you’ll definitely have bursts of flavor! Plus, it has a high protein and fiber count with the fewer calories, so it’s great for those losing weight. Match it with basmati rice to complete the dish and have that Indian dish you’ve been craving for.

Preparation time takes five minutes, while cooking will take thirty. It’s that quick and easy!


  • A tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • Finely chopped onion (one onion)
  • Two cloves of finely chopped garlic
  • Finely chopped ginger (one small piece, skinned)
  • One small coriander, finely chopped with leaves shredded
  • One teaspoon of cumin and paprika (each)
  • Two teaspoons of garam masala
  • 400g can of chopped tomatoes
  • 400g cans of kidney beans


  1. Heat oil in low-medium heat. Add the chopped onions. Add the garlic, ginger and coriander once the chopped onions are cooked. Let it cook, then add the spices, sauteeing it for about a minute.
  2. Add in the chopped tomatoes and kidney beans, letting it boil.
  3. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for about fifteen minutes until the curry is thick.
  4. Season it and serve it with rice. Top it with coriander for the finishing touch and you’re done!

2. Egg & Rocket Pizzas

Healthy and low-calorie pizza, anyone? It uses affordable ingredients you can find at home, and it’s very fancy without all the expenses. Plus, you get a good share of protein from the egg. You can have this as a main meal during breakfast or lunch to fill you up for the rest of the day. It’s perfect for children and those who love pizzas!cheap delicious recipes


  • Two seeded wraps
  • Olive oil for brushing
  • Roasted red pepper
  • Two tomatoes
  • Tomato puree
  • Chopped dill
  • Chopped parsley
  • Two eggs
  • 65 grams of arugula
  • Half a red onion sliced thinly


  1. Heat the onion to 180 celsius. Put the tortilla wraps on baking sheets, lightly brushing it with olive oil. Let it bake for three minutes.
  2. Chop the red pepper and tomatoes, mixing it with the puree and herbs. Spread the paste onto the tortilla, leaving the center free from any large pieces of pepper or tomato.
  3. Break an egg in the center of the tortilla and leave it in the oven for ten minutes. Once done, scatter the arugula and onion on it. And it’s ready to serve!

In Conclusion

It’s important to take in the right food in order to achieve your fitness goals. This goes whether you’re losing, gaining, or maintaining weight. Of course, health must be prioritized, so the food you eat shouldn’t only be measured by calories, but through nutrients, too. Go for meals and dishes that are balanced in carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Not only will it give you energy, but your overall health will improve, making you less susceptible to diseases and other medical conditions. Plus, you also become happier and more focused, making it better to work. That is why you need the proper food. If you are on a budget and would like something quick and easy to prepare, then you can find a lot of affordable recipes online. Hopefully, these cheap delicious recipes will encourage you to start prepping meals today.

So what are you waiting for? Check out what’s in store for you and make the healthy lifestyle changes. It will definitely be worth it for your health and physique in the long run. Did you enjoy the article or have any other recipe you would like to share? then comment down below. We would love to hear your thoughts on these dishes, as well as other cheap delicious recipes you have cooked up!

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