Detox Tips 101: Cleanse Your Body Today!

When it comes to being fit and healthy, you must lose weight! Or even if you have already reached your desired weight goal and achieved the average and healthy BMI, you will still need to maintain that with a good diet and regular exercise to keep yourself healthy. If you’re just coming out of a bad diet of junk and highly-processed food, you can start a detox. A detox isn’t just about consuming all these natural healthy foods all at once. It’s best to take it slow to avoid giving up and going back to your old ways. If you’re planning to cleanse your body and rid it of the toxins and go for the change, try following these detox tips!


Detox Tips 101: Reduce Sugar!

The first thing you must do is to cut off sugar slowly. This doesn’t mean to say goodbye to your favorite pastries and cookies, but to have it moderately and at certain days, rather than during every single meal! Not only will you feel better, but you’ll start to crave less sugar as well. This goes for highly processed sugary and fatty foods such as cakes and rice. Replace your processed sugary food with fruits and go for whole-wheat grains instead. You’ll feel the change and start to go for healthier options.

#2: Hydrate!

Water is the most important element when detoxing your body. This calls for upping your water intake if you haven’t already. It’s recommended to get at least 8 glasses of water a day, and not more than 12 glasses to avoid water retention. Reduce your intake on soft drinks and other sugary drinks. This also goes for caffeine that coes from coffee, as it may give you bad side effects. You’ll definitely feel even more energized and reap the health benefits, such as clearer skin!

#3: Keep on Movin’

Don’t have time for exercise? Think again! Everyone has time for it, even if it isn’t intentional exercise. Stretch for a few minutes during work breaks, take walks and maybe even park farther and start taking the stairs. Do whatever you can to keep an active lifestyle. Even starting with walks until you get to workout will definitely help and make a huge difference. Try 10 to 15 minute walks at least once a day. A few minutes of activity a day will burn more calories and help cleanse your body. Plus, you’ll feel stronger and more energized. You can also search for quick workouts online. No need to join a gym and spend tons to feel great!

#4: Tea!

Want a bit of flavor when drinking water? Tea has more benefits than coffee, with the caffeine you need to stay energized and focused. Plus, it’s got all the antioxidants you need to cleanse your body. Go for a few cups a day sweetened with natural honey than processed sugars, and you’re good to go! You will be able to find different types of tea that will help in your metabolism, cleansing your body, and even improving the quality of your sleep.

#5 Eat Well

Eat clean and be clean. Go for whole foods that are deemed organic and homegrown, rather than vegetables and fruits that were infested with pesticide and other chemicals. That way, you know that what you are taking in is pure and natural. Plus, the whole foods you eat such as fruits and vegetables are low in calories, so you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the weight gain. Just be mindful of what you eat.

#6 Don’t bother following the fad diets and detoxing cleanses!

Well, not exactly to boycott ALL, but it’s best to detox naturally and with balance. Avoid detox diets that have you fasting or taking in pure vegetable or fruit juice without solids. Not only is this restrictive and a bit sad, it is also very dangerous and can take a toll on your health. Your body will be rid of toxins, yes, but that’s because there’s nothing your body is getting! Plus, it is said that you’ll easily go back to where you started, as your body will start binge eating due to the restriction you put it on. Find balance and make sure you start slowly.

In Conclusion

With these detox tips, you will hopefully be able to become a better and healthier you. Not only will you start to feel great, but you’ll look better as well. You’ll have more energy, better skin, and be happier! Plus, you get to live a longer life without worry for sicknesses or future conditions in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Check these detox tips out and try them yourself! Do you have more detox tips you’d like to share? Then comment down below and share it for us to try it out as well.

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