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Delicious Chicken Dishes For That Sexy Bod!

When it comes to weight loss or getting that sexy body, you will need to eat right. After all, abs are made from the kitchen! One of the most important healthy lifestyle choices would be opting for whole food and protein. Cut away junk and sugary processed food, and you’ll be able to work your way through that dream body you’ve always wanted. But when it comes to choosing the right meals and food, which is the best? The answer is protein! Fruits and vegetables are a given, but protein will help you build those muscles you worked so hard for. Plus, they help your muscles recover, giving you more strength and energy to workout. Looking for delicious chicken dishes for your next meal? We’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll be showing you delicious chicken dishes that are easy to make and can be done in no time!

Importance of Chicken

You may be wondering: What makes chicken so important anyway? Eating chicken is NOT only a source of healthy protein, but you also have a ton of benefits you can reap out of it. Here are some of the awesome things eating chicken will give you:

  • It contains the many essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to functiondelicious chicken dishes
  • Your risk of certain diseases will lower significantly. This especially goes for cardiovascular diseases and even cancer! It also improved bone health, preventing bone loss.
  • Chicken has the lean and low-fat protein you need in lower calories, as compared to pork or other meats.
  • Chicken has an acid that serves as a natural anti-depressant. This might be the reason why chicken soup is SO therapeutic!
  • It increases the performance of your immune system, making you less susceptible to illnesses. Your eye and skin health will also improve.
  • It’s great for boosting your metabolism to help lose or maintain your weight.

And these are just some of the benefits! Of course, it will depend on the type of chicken you eat. You won’t be reaping a lot of healthy advantages if you’ll be feasting on fried chicken! It’s best to have it boiled or baked with less oil. Its diversity is the reason why people love it!

Delicious Chicken Dishes

There are a ton of things you will be able to do with chicken! Whether you’re an amateur in the kitchen or full-time chef, here are some healthy and delicious chicken dishes you ought to try:

  • Chicken Olive Sautee
    This is one of the simplest yet tastiest dishes to try! It only takes half an hour to do everything.Ingredients:
    – Olive oil
    – Garlic and onions
    – Rosemary and pepper
    – Olives and tomatoes
    – Skinless chicken breastDirections:
    Simply add in the oil and sautee the onion, garlic, and rosemary. Once it browns, add the chicken and turn until it is lightly brown. Add the olives, then the tomatoes. Let it simmer until the tomatoes are nice and juicy. You can serve this over brown rice or quinoa!
  • Crunchy Almond-Crusted Chicken
    Want the healthy crunch of fried chicken with fewer calories and more health benefits? Then this is the dish for you. This dish only takes 15 minutes to make.Ingredients:
    – Skinless chicken breast
    – Cornstarch
    – Fat-free egg substitute (or you may use egg as well!)
    – Crushed almondsDirections:
    Add a bit of cornstarch to the chicken. Dip it in the egg or egg substitute, then sprinkle the crushed almonds over it. Using a nonstick skillet, add a small amount of nonstick cooking spray and cook the chicken on medium heat, for about five minutes each side. Pair it with quinoa, cottage cheese, or even grape tomatoes to complete the meal!

In Conclusion

Whether you are losing weight or building muscle, you will need the proper food intake. This calls for focusing on protein for muscle! With chicken as a healthy and delicious source of protein, you’ll definitely love how you can make almost anything with it. Hopefully, these recipes of delicious chicken dishes will encourage you to get your butt to the kitchen and start making your own meals! These recipes are very easy to do and can be packed for work or school. Plus, they won’t cost a ton of money as well, with chicken itself being affordable. Now, you’ve got no excuses and can begin your journey to being fit and healthy. So what are you waiting for? Start your lifestyle to fit today with improving your diet with these delicious chicken dishes! You’ll definitely see the results in no time and get the body you’ve worked so hard for.

Did you enjoy this article or have any other suggestions on delicious chicken dishes? If so, comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think about these delicious chicken dishes, or if you have more recipes to share.

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