1) I have noted something is very wrong with one of the reviews. How do I contact to communicate with them?

Answer:  At, we are always committed to ensuring that clients get the best. If you get anything that requires our attention, send us an email with details at

2) How long do I wait to get fitness results after starting to use the products?

Answer: Reaching your fitness targets is a comprehensive thing that relies on a lot of people; your body system, consistency, lifestyle, and diet. When you follow our programs and take the right meals, the results will not just be fast, but also sustainable.

3) Am I eligible to become a member of

Answer: Members are required to be adults who can make consented decisions. If you are of this age, you can join by signing up to enjoy the members’ center, add and save comments, rate articles, and receive regular newsletters. Remember that or membership is free.

4) Does take any personal information from me? What do you do with it?

Answer: At, we gather clients’ information when they visit, sign up on members profiles and also using cookies. Your personal information is only used for purposes of liaison with you and making the experience better. It is never shared with third parties.

5) How do recipes at help me to reach my fitness targets?

Answer: The recipes are carefully reviewed to ensure that the ingredients are right, and then tested to assure clients of anticipated results. Remember that in every recipe, results can only be evident by maintaining consistency.

6) How can I buy the products shown on your website to get the fitness and beauty targets I anticipate?

Answer: works with affiliate companies and manufacturers that own the respective products under review. If you want specific beauty products that have been reviewed, you need to follow the item and buy from the authorized dealer.

7) Can I participate in reviews on this site?

Answer: encourages clients to leave their reviews so that others can also read and pick the best products. However, you need to have bought and used a specific item in order to make a conclusive review.

8) Does the buyer guide provide links to places I can buy products reviewed on

Answer: While we may at times provide such links if we are working with a third party, the buyers’ guide is solely meant for helping clients to look deeply at products in the market and establish which are better. They help you avoid being misled, losing money, and getting the wrong product.

9) Since I started using products recommended at, it is now three weeks, and I do not see results?

Answer: All the products whose reviews are included in the site are based on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important for you to establish what is making the same product not to work in your case. You might want to try a different type of product altogether.

10) I have a business downtown and deal with beauty and fitness products. How can I partner with

Answer: only provides information about products such as reviews, guides, articles and blogs and does not partner at a business level. Please read through our terms and conditions.

11) I love the information on and would like to participate. How can I be sure that my personal information will be protected?

Answer: is very committed to ensuring that all clients’ privacy is protected. We use advanced encryption to help protect all clients’ information and personal details. On top of this, we encourage individual users to be careful with their passwords and never reveal them to third parties.

12) How can I promote my product on for review?

Answer: At, we encourage manufacturers and designers to provide their products for reviews. The review can also be done by other people who have used the item on the

13) Will I lose the copyright to the article and materials I provide at

Answer: At, we strongly enforce the copyrights laws as required by law. We operate within the law, and users cannot copy, reproduce, reprint, or apply this information without duly written consent.

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