Fitness Hacks For The Lazy Lads!

You would agree with me, not many of us ladies love to sweat it out in the gym unless we have some sincere weight loss goals. This attitude is pretty common out there as we have lots of other things to do that this workout thing really does not ring the bell. I was not that active few years back since I came in contact with my amazing fitness trainer and she made me aware of the workouts that promise to deliver great results and surprisingly without much of sweat out. So here are some fitness hacks to follow.

For the past 3 years I have been dancing, horse riding, playing squash and even doing some altitude training and now I am pretty happy with the way I look and feel. Going through the memory lane, I decided to bring out my favorite fitness hacks; I really hope that these will act as a game changer in your life too.

Fun Therapy Fitness Hacks:

I try and find the fun element in almost anything and everything that I do on a daily basis and this cuts down on that boredom. I prefer going in for those fun-filled exercises such as using a hula hoop or skipping with my doggies. This not only burns my calories but also lifts up my mood. These days, I am going for shopping walking and by the time I return back I usually burn around 300 calories and this is really encouraging.

I Have No Competition:Fitness-Hacks-For-The-Lazy-Lads-2

I must confess I used to feel bad and depressed when asked to follow someone’s weight loss or workout regime. My fitness trainer introduced me to this cool hack, now I am my competition and believe me, girls, now I am giving my 100% to beat past records and this is a cheering feeling.

No Boring Workout:

I do not work out the way you do, I always go in for something playful. I mix up various day to day activities such as climbing stairs or walking my doggies or taking that evening stroll with some sort of exercise. As a result, this keeps me motivated.

Never Workout Alone, Get A Buddy Along:

Working out alone is boring and we usually tend to lose interest and think of going back home. I have my husband as my workout buddy and we share some good time working it out in the gym. We go with each other for a job and do not pressurize each other for that extra round as we respect each other’s fitness levels.

Get Moving, Don’t Act Lazy:

Well, I know we all are lazy to an extent, but this does not mean we will stay in that sluggish mode all day long. Try and introduce some activity in your life, get up every 20-30 minutes. Take a small stroll in the office or home, get a glass of water and continue your work.

Eat Good- Eat Enough- Do Not Starve:

This has been my fitness mantra from Day 1. My fitness trainer told me to take in all those foods that are necessary for the body and cut down on the ones that tend to just pile up calories and do no good. I am eating everything that my body needs in good proportions and even giving my body a cheat day with that sumptuous looking pizza or ice cream. I am not starving or depriving in any way.

Mini Workouts Promise Big Results:

For the ones who stay in office for good 8 to 10 hours? It is important to give some time to mini workouts. If at home, use that commercial break as a reminder and get that 2-minute workout. As a result, you will feel better!

Go For Healthy Snacking:

If you do not have some serious fitness goals, make sure that you indulge in some healthy snacks every day. Try and enjoy that handful of nuts or that celery salad or a cucumber sandwich. These act as a fuel for your everyday workout.

Know Your Body- Go Slow:

Being a lady, there is already enough with which your body is dealing every day. Respect and never act hard on it. Always go slow with the workout and give your body some time to show some resistance. The moment you feel its giving signals, then you can move to the advanced workout.

Now that lazy girl who is burning 600 calories every day with these fitness hacks needs some rewards too. Grab your favorite smoothie, shake or even a chocolate. Eat it slow, so that your body senses that it is being rewarded.

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