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Food Predictions For This Year!

Put your stretchable clothes back in the closet for a while, these super cool food and beverage trends are surely going to bring you back in shape. Believe it or not, your diet is going through a complete transformation in coming few months with this upgraded dietary regime. The ingredients present in your kitchen are all set to get a new definition with these food predictions.

Food Predictions of 2016 and 2017


So, let us cut the suspense now and have a look at the food predictions that need to be there is the kitchen entire 2016-2017.

Oatmeal- Turns Sumptuous

Do you think oatmeal is boring? Now it is going to get all interesting with some brown sugar, maple syrup, and some strawberries. If you are not watching calories during breakfast time, go in for those steel cut oats and add some roasted figs or some hazelnut granola.

Koji- The New Rice  

People are going in for raw meals. Because of this, Koji is all set to be a popular meal. It is a new type of rice. Initially, it was used to prepare soy sauce, but now, its umami flavor is being used to prepare tossed veggies. People roast them with a little marinade. To add to its fatty taste, you can add a sprinkle of sugar, oil, and salt.

Chickpea Flour- A High Protein Variant

Food-Predictions-For-This-Year-2In the past few years, we all would have noticed that nearby restaurant serving socca, panel, cecina or Panisse and what is even more surprising is that people love to order these. These are made from chickpea flour. This is an amazing source of protein and is also gluten free. Chickpea is great for because of the sweet flavor and high starch content

Turmeric Turns Savory

People in the Asian households have been using turmeric in their foods for hundreds of years, but now this has become a global staple. Packed with antioxidants, you just need to add to your favorite dish to add to its flavor by giving a kick of pungency.

Steamed Veggies Are Back With A Bang

Off lately, not many of us have been consuming those dull and boring looking steamed veggies, but all thanks to the current gourmet trends they are back in every kitchen with some healthy tweaks.

Homemade Sodas

One of the coolest beverage prediction? Homemade sodas are finally going to replace those calorie filled aerated drinks. Get some grape juice or fresh orange juice and add some soda to it. Prepare a cool and refreshing drink. Treat your friends with it. I am sure they will fall in love with it, taking off from booze for some time.

Environment-Friendly Eating Is A Current Rage

Are you going organic with your clothes and beauty or skin care products? It is the time to opt in for environment-friendly foods too. Go in for those fresh veggies, fruits and even stems and make them a part of your daily diet.

Do Some Water Shopping

I know this might sound weird, but now we have enough variants of water to hydrate your body. Visit your nearby grocery store and look for some interesting waters. Look for ones such as cactus water, raw maple water, organic birch tree water, or even that black alkaline water.

Chlorophyll- Chef’s Favorite Ingredient

We all are taking in a good amount of greens. But still, our bodies tend to lack in the exact amount our body needs. To meet the needs of the body, chefs have started using dry chlorophyll in foods. With that little dash on yogurt and salads, you will get the amount need to break down body fats.

Grain Bowls- A Favorite Item On Breakfast Menu

Grain bowls are a favorite breakfast menu option for the health and fitness enthusiasts. It is indeed the most interesting food prediction. You can replace that heavy cheese toast with a grain bowl. As a result, it comes loaded with your favorite grain, some avocados, and even some cactus. All in that pretty looking ceramic pot!

With glass fed replacing corn fed, there are many other interesting food trends waiting for you in the coming months. Do you want to get healthy without digging a hole in the pocket? Begin with these food predictions found in your kitchen. Do not hesitate in experimenting and trying new things. As a result, you can find a new trend that helps you turn fit and healthy with this.

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