Healthy Hair Hacks To Tame Your Manes Revealed!

Do you know your lifestyle is taking a toll on your hair health? Do you know that the reason behind dry and frizzy hair might be a dietary deficiency? Well, if you do not know the healthy hair hacks, please continue reading…. Our hair cells grow faster than any other cell, thus, they need that extra dosage of protein and nutrients to look lustrous. We all use our hairs to enhance our looks and add a tinge of dazzle to our persona, but not many of us pay back our manes and the result is dull, dry and frizzy hair. That’s why we need these healthy hair hacks! If you are into that habit of daily blow dry or hair curls or straightening, your hair needs some extra care and attention and for this here is a complete list of healthy hair hacks.

Top Healthy Hair Hacks


# Hack No- 1: Always Keep A Dry Shampoo Handy:

If you have thick and long hair and you do not want to go through that trouble of washing them daily, make sure that you always have a good quality dry shampoo handy. You can use this shampoo on those lazy days when you do not want to wash hair as it would take away all that grease giving you a healthy scalp.

# Hack No- 2: Kill Dandruff With Olive Oil:

If all those anti-dandruff shampoos have not shown any good results, give a try to olive oil. All that you need to do is mix olive oil with lime juice and apply it on the scalp, keep it overnight or for at least 2 to 3 hours. The oil is going to lift all those dandruff scrapes and lime is going to polish the scalp.

# Hack No- 3: For Natural & Safe Highlights You Can Choose Lemon Juice:

If you really want a change in that regular hairstyle but do not want to experiment much with chemicals, use lemon juice and chamomile tea. You can soak chamomile tea bags in a bowl full of water over night and rinse your hair with it and you will get super dark strands.

# Hack No- 4: A Matte Eye Shadow Can Make Your Hair Look Thicker:

If your hairs are thin look lifeless, dust some eye shadow of similar color along the hairline and they will start looking fuller.

# Hack No- 5: Wash Hair A Day Before You Want To Style It:

If you style your hair the same day you have washed them you are not going to get a great texture, so make sure that you wash your day one day in advance as then the hair will become appropriately dry and will not have any excessive moisture.

# Hack No- 6: Coconut Oil Is A Great Hair Mask:

It is not that only eating right is going to nourish your tresses. You need to give them nutrients from outside, too. Coconut is a great hair mask for dry and frizzy hair. You can apply it directly on the hair and on the length. Keep it overnight, and wash your hair. As a result, you will have super soft and shiny hair after few applications.

# Hack No- 7: For Naturally Straight Hair Eat Oats:

Silica present in oats acts as a natural hair straighter. Regular intake of oats will build healthy connective tissues and this will give you longer locks that look super lustrous. Some other sources of silica that you can add to your daily diet are barley, rye, spinach, and asparagus.

# Hack No- 8: Get Hair Trimmed Every 12 Weeks:

Those split ends weaken your hair. Because of that, make sure that you have a trim every 12 weeks. To improve the overall condition of your hair a regular trim is necessary. Let the hair stylist decide on the length that is damaged and will need to go. After that, your hair will look great.

# Hack No- 9: Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily:

Excessive washing of hair deprives them of natural oils. Because of this, you are left with dry and dull hair and itchy scalp. Washing your hair twice a week is enough. If you feel that the hairs are too oily, use a dry shampoo instead, and with that, you will get results.

# Hack No- 10: Add Proteins to Your Daily Diet For Long & Shiny Manes:

Proteins are your hair’s building blocks, make sure that you take in enough of these to turn those lifeless looking hair into shiny and healthy ones. The foods that will give you enough protein for your hair are yogurt, fish, nuts, cheese, lean meats, and legumes. With these foods, your hair will be healthy, and your body will thank you! I hope with all these healthy hair hacks you will be able to revitalize your tresses. As a result, your hair will be healthy and look great. Furthermore, you will make them look beautiful and healthy.

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