Hottest Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2016

Hottest beauty trends for 2016 are out, so let’s check out the ones that are expected to create a rage this spring and summer.

Hottest Beauty Trends for the Season


Let Your Lips Do Some Loud Talking

Red lipstick is archetypal, but these days, most of the makeup artists are showing enough trust on this shade for all kinds of occasions. Whether looking for satin soft lips or matte-all-night stay darker shades, these are ruling out there like never before. Because it is summer, let your lips do the talking. These are one of the hottest beauty trends today. You can do so with all those vibrant crimson shades of red, pink, oxblood and orange, and get the pout that others envy.

With perfectly hydrated skin, just a bold lip color would complete the makeup, and as a result, you can now ditch that heavy foundation, and step out of the house with a single brush, or multiple strokes of your favorite bold shade.

Go Smoky Eyes With Blue

Blue is the shade that has been the backdrop for long, and recently, when brought out of the closet at international shows, it created a rage. A sheer wash of blue color on the eyes will make you look trendy.

There are different ways to wear this color. Because of this, you can go with a cobalt blue eyeliner or a subtle blue eyeshadow, or even a glittery blue kajal to make your eyes pop out.

Take your creativity to the next level; get butterfly wings using a pigmented eyeliner as this will accentuate your eyes whilst adding a kick to the soft and subtle summer makeup.

Hottest-Beauty-Trends-For-Spring-Summer-2016-2Romance The Glitter

Looking at the latest trends that are set to rule till late summers, its glitter everywhere. So when looking for that angelic look, add some glitter to your makeup. Romance the glitter, use it on the areas that grab camera eyes, bridge of your nose, around the eyes, on the eye shadow, and even on the corners of your eyebrows.

Just dust your fingertips with some glitter, start applying it generously to your favorite area. Once you feel you have got the amount of twinkling you wanted, let it stay for some time, and if required, touch up with a gloss every few hours.

Cute Pigtails Are On Top Of The Head Games

The best you can do to your hair this summer is to make badass pigtails and ornate them with chunky accessories. You can part your hair in multiple ways. Always go with the shape of your face and then begin making a pigtail.

If you feel stuck somewhere, bring out that headpiece out of the box, and place it on the forehead. Or you can place it on one side of your head to create a unique style statement. Haphazardly twisted pigtails look cute yet trendy. And with this, you can go bare minimum with accessories. A single colored hair pin would do the magic.

A Little Drop Of Gloss Creates Chic After Party Look

You need to learn how to play with lip gloss this summer season as any excess would make the face look sweat wiped. To begin, all you need to do is to pour a single drop on apples of your cheek, and blend blend blend, do so until you feel that only a soft shine is left.

Coming to lips, lip gloss is a must. To put it on, get a tiny bead over your favorite lip color, and dab only once. Always go in for the gloss that comes with moderate shine. Anything that is too glossy will tend to make you look drenched or perspired.

Show Some Confidence Chop Your Hair

Fresh looking fringes are in this year. All you need to carry is a lot of confidence, and of a pro hair stylist. Cropped curls, shaved sides, and shags are ruling the ramp and even the backstage.

Going short with hair is going to bring in immediate transformation in your facial appearance. Because it is summer, it is going to make you look more liberal. Always go with the haircut that complements texture of your hair else you will look all blown out.

A Punch Of Color Added To French Manicure

With summer 2016 bringing in colors in all forms, nail art is going to get a new definition. Go for all-colored instead of that white colored French manicure. Use bold shades of green, orange, red, black and silver.

To create that necessary punch, play around with two or more colors to get best out of the artwork. As a result, you will have great style with these hottest beauty trends.

Summer 2016 promises to be a fashionable one. Becuase of that, we have to try out these hottest beauty trends and embrace them with style.


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