Hottest beauty Trends

Beauty Trends of 2016

Women and beauty are symbolic of each other.  The hottest beauty trends in beauty keep on changing and reviving from time to time. Latest trends are a vogue among the different ages and groups. Let us embark on a few latest and happening trends in lips, hair and nails styling in 2016:

Beauty Trends: Lips and colors:

  1. Lipsticks and shades:

You will find various brands of lipsticks in the market. While the cherry and the strawberry still maintain the classic look, the fashionistas have given thumbs up to a new range of shades such as blackcurrant, nude and glossy and the mixed shades. While many celebrities endorse the mixed shades that give a pallet look on the upper lip with a darker shade while the lower lip is given a light color.

  1. Application of lip shades:

A must have for your vanity case is a neutral lip pencil. Fill in the shade to your lips and make it look fuller. This will make the lips soft and smooth. Then choose a color. If you want a bold look, choose a darker shade and if you are going in for a subtle appearance, you need to have a light and minimalized shade such as mauve, baby pink. Fill in the color followed by shimmery gloss to ensure that the lipstick stays for longer.Beauty-Trends-of-2016-2

  1. “Nude”  in itself is a trend:

Mostly working women prefer to look natural all through the day. That’s why the nude color has topped the trending charts for quite some time now. Give a roll to your lips, color them nude with a dab of concealer and puff it up with translucent powder. The best thing about nude shade is that- IT NEVER LOOKS TOO MUCH! You can always give it a touch-up as and when you feel comfortable.

Beauty Trends: Hair care and styling:

  1. How to care for your hair:

As the technology has advanced, the tricks and tips of hair care have also taken a new turn. Unlike the times when conditioning and oiling the hair was considered to be the “best” way to take care of them, the beauty industry has devised some effective products and methods that can not only boost the appearance of your hair but also nourish them internally.

You must be familiar with the hair spa and various options related to it but do you know that along with hair spa the way you comb your hair can also play a valuable role in altering the appearance of your hair. After washing the hair, dry them up and comb them in the direction opposite to their roots.

And do not leave them open. If possible, cover your hair for at least 5 minutes after you comb them. Then comb them over again. This will not only save your look for the day, it will protect your hair from damage against the dust and air. It makes the hair look worthy and smooth.

  1. Hairstyles:

Trends in hairstyle vary from men to women. While the longer hair has always been a style statement for women, these days the short and straight hair seem to be making the news. With many celebrities sporting short hair on the red carpet and award functions, the new generation seems to be exploring this option vividly. Along with open wavy hair, the braids have picked up a trend among the fashion conscious crowd.

  1. Coloring your hair:

It was in the last decade that the hair coloring had been picked up by the mainstream and various hair colors became popular like the shades of red and blue. It’s one of the coolest beauty trends today. The coloring is still in the fashion but the latest trending colors are natural golden color and burgundy highlights.

  1. Accessorizing your hair:

Remember the flowers in your long waves! Well, the tiara has given an all new definition to the flowers while the braids have also been defining the latest trends. To accessorize these styles, the flowery beads in different colors are used.

If you have short hair, you can style them in a bun with the artificial buns and hair-dos that are available.

Beauty Trends: Define your nails:

  1. Manicuring your nails the modern way:

Gone are the manicure using creams and scrubs or advancing them using fishes to eat away your dead skin. The latest products used in the manicures are the gel. These gels imbibe into the skin and make your hands and nail soft and subtle.

  1. Decorating your nails:

While metallic shades have picked up a trend in the nails, the nude is always a favorite in the routine life. The nail art has also become popular with the young girls. With multi-colored designs, you can define your nails using different symbolics of nail art.

  1. Spray and color:

All you have to do is cover the exposed skin. Let the nails show up while you spray. This is a new concept which has already become very popular in some regions. It is yet to hit the floor with many fashionistas and beauty bloggers while the users have already started vowing their clients with this new technique of coloring the nails.

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