Lose Belly Fat For Parents

Becoming a parent is fulfilling. Whether you’re a mom or dad, having a child not only makes you feel as if you’ve created something wonderful, but it also comes with added responsibilities as well! This means more time spent in the office working late hours to support your family, or having to look after your child and spend time with them during the weekends off. With the constant juggling of responsibilities, it may be hard to keep your fitness in check! It’s been said that many parents start to gain weight as soon as they have a child, due to the fact that they simply have no time to focus on themselves or their lifestyle. But you still need to lose belly fat!

Is Work and Parenting Too Time Consuming?


If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll probably agree! Work and family time consume too much, unable for you to prep your own meals and find the time to head on to the gym. This causes the dreaded belly fat creeping in, with the numbers going up and those pair of pants getting tighter. It sucks, but don’t worry; You are not alone, and there IS a solution! And it requires nothing but your motivation and will to change for the better.

Lose Belly Fat for Parents

Here are some tips for on-the-go parents to lose that belly fat:

  1. Make time

Parents ALWAYS say they don’t have time, but in fact, everyone does! It’s just a matter of how you spend it. Instead of watching the television or scrolling through your timeline on Facebook, try to look up on some quick exercises, or easy and healthy meals! Not only do these take just a few minutes to do it, but the energy you spend counts towards the daily calorie burnout. Even as much as 10 minutes of preparing food or working out will have you feeling healthier already.

If you just had a baby, you can search up on exercises on how to gently work out while carrying your baby around.

  1. Exercise with your child

That doesn’t mean to force them to do push-ups or burpees with them! There are simple exercises you can do with your child, like walking around the neighborhood or spending time with them in the park or playground. Let you and your child be active. Not only will you burn a lot of calories, but you will also teach your child the wonders of the great outdoors! Plus side is you get to bond with your child as well.

  1. Eat healthily together

The main problem with households is the fact that they consume more takeout than they do homemade meals! Because of that, many families have become overweight together, with frozen dinners and takeaways being their main source of energy.

Be acquainted with the kitchen, and the different types of healthy food. Learn the ropes on how to start cooking healthy. Teach your child how to love vegetables and wean them off sugary or artificial junk. You can even make an activity and start cooking with your child as well. That way, everyone’s fit and healthy!

  1. Schedule bedtime

It’s difficult to put your kids in bed, especially if they’re rowdy! But it’s time to be strict and shut the television off. Schedule bedtime for the whole household, where all devices and lights are off to avoid them from being disturbed when trying to get some shuteye.

Set an alarm for everyone to wake up together as well. Just make sure that it’s an appropriate time! Not only will they wake up refreshed in the morning, but they’ll be more energized and positive for the day ahead.

  1. Stay positive and motivated

Think of the little changes you do as gearing your way towards a new lifestyle. Stay motivated and stick to the journey, thinking of the health of you and your whole family. That way, you won’t steer away and go back to your old ways. Remember, it’s not just for the betterment of your life, but for the household as well! As a result, you will all lose belly fat.

In Conclusion

A good diet, moderate exercise, and recommended amount of sleep will equal to success. With these simple tips, you and your partner will be able to lose belly fat in no time, and you will still have time to spend with your kids as well. Do it together as a family, and it won’t only be you shedding the fat and facing the healthy journey, but the whole household as well.

It’s best to teach your kids how to eat healthily and become active. They will be able to follow this lifestyle as they grow older and become parents themselves!


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