Lose Weight Dads, Get Rid of the Dad Bod!

You’re a dad just coming home from a long day at work. The moment you are home, you are greeted by your little ones asking you to play with them. While you try your best to look happy and energized, you can’t do anything but remove your shoes and jump on the couch, watching the television while mom orders takeaway or heats up a frozen dinner for the whole family. You feel your belly fat bulging out of your pants, with you needing to suck in your tummy just to put your belt onto the first hole! You’re starting to pant while catching up with your kids, eating more takeaway than actually moving, and it’s taking a toll on your body and overall health. It’s a feeling no man wants to experience. Well, it’s time to lose weight dads!

How to Lose Weight Dads!


Being a dad is a fulfilling achievement that comes with a set of responsibilities. As the man of the house, you are not only financially supporting the household, but also caring for the kids and making sure the woman of the house is happy as well. With all these duties you have to do, from work to family life, you feel like you have absolutely no time or energy to get your old college body back! Many fathers feel that way, with their waistlines now growing. But don’t let that fool you because you CAN get that dream body of yours back, with the help of these tips to lose weight dads:

  1. Combat stress better

All dads get this; They just love being the couch potato after being harassed at work! And with the kids rowdiness at home? Yikes! Stress is a factor for weight gain. Dads love to curl up by the television, or they end up stress eating before dinner!Lose-Weight-Dads-Get-Rid-of-the-Dad-Bod-1

But instead of fighting stress through the television or munching on your kid’s leftovers from lunch, try going out! Studies have shown that people who exercise will have lifted moods and more energy. Plus, you burn calories while alleviating those stress levels. Just a 10-20 minute walk outdoors will do you great. But so long as you’re dressed for the weather!

  1. Start eating right

Instead of getting takeaway for the whole family, try encouraging cooking your own meals at home. Teach the whole family how to cook, or opt for healthier takeaways. It’s much cheaper buying fruits and vegetables in bulk for long-term, rather than takeout from some fast food joint anyway!

Start your day right with the whole family and have a protein infused breakfast with eggs and toast. Pack your lunch instead of buying it, and opt for healthier, greener choices for dinner. Your body will thank you through burning that belly fat!

  1. Rest well

Not getting the right amount of sleep will have you feeling moody, stressed, and without any energy to start the day. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of living a healthier life, and you must have around 8 hours a day to feel well-rested. Create a schedule and switch off your devices. Wake up early for a walk. Get yourself energized and feeling productive for the day ahead.

  1. Get the proper support

The right way to combat belly fat is through proper diet and exercise, along with sleeping well. But the main thing one should have before making the lifestyle change is the proper mindset. That starts with getting the support from loved ones. Tell your family about your plans to change and ask for help. Your wife can start making healthier meals, and you can go out with your kids for a walk. Maybe you can even start making healthier choices as a family! Support each other. That way, you will be more encouraged to move forward towards your fitness journey.

  1. Create the time

You may say that you have no time at all, when in fact, there are 24 hours in a day that you can spend to your heart’s content. Spend just less than an hour of it preparing your meals and working out, and you’ll start to see the difference! Create a routine or schedule and stick to it, that way you won’t steer away from your meal plans and workout routine.

In Conclusion

Being a dad is tough, especially when it comes to handling all the responsibilities. All this while maintaining a fit and healthy physique. But if you believe in yourself and have the determination? Then you will be able to achieve all that and more! Have the right mindset and encourage yourself to move forward. Your body won’t be the only one changing, but your mind as well. Take on the challenge and make the change today!

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