Lose Weight Post Menopause

Tips For Women In Late 40s To Lose Weight Post Menopause!

Want to lose weight post menopause? Good news! You can easily lose weight post menopause by making some simple dietary and workout regime changes. For all those women in their late 40s gaining weight seems normal as this is the time when hormonal changes are at their peak and no or less focus is on the weighing scale.

Hormonal changes are already making your body go through a major transformation in the form of composition and if you have started working on those menopausal symptoms, begin to act on the weight gain ones too.

Believe me, being a personal fitness trainer with only female clientele, this is the time that brings in even bigger stress than pregnancy as now the ladies do not have enough stress and capacity to sweat it hard and this brings in those piling pounds. Try these tips to lose weight post menopause!

The S Formula Promises To Deliver Results

I have been working on two S formulae to help my clients lose weight. One covers nutrition and other workouts. Women in their menopausal phase need more energy to deal with those hormonal changes. But it’s also required to eat good and healthy as eating more is going to just add to the problems.

  • S formula for nutrition helps ladies take in good and required amount of nutrition without taking in any extra calories that would be tough to burn. The elements of this formula are salads, shakes, starch, and snacks. It would be a great idea to begin the morning eating with that healthy protein shake. Then for pre-lunch, a bowl full of salad would do the magic. One healthy snack needs to be taken daily. It can be celery, salmon or nuts. Then about starch, at least one meal of the day needs to have the required amount of starch. Try and have a starch loaded dinner as this is going to help battle insomnia too.
  • S formula for workout promises to yield impressive weight lot results and that too without putting any extra pressure on the body. One can begin with a stress-busting workout regime that is slow yet effective. It could be a slow walk, some meditation, and yoga. Once the body gets all prepped up one can move to strides. Plan to walk at least 5,000 steps daily or at least on alternate days. Daily giving 1 to 2 hours to the exercise regime is important. The ones who feel comfortable with this idea can even opt in for strength training exercises. The ones who want to go all intense, sprints would be a great pick. As with this, it’s more about burning and doing these once a week would suffice.

Simple Diet Changes That Would Fasten Up Weight Loss During & Post Menopause

Some simple yet highly effective diet changes that would help women in their late 40s fight weight gain are:

  • Go Fishy: During and post menopause chances of heart disease increase. So try to have at least 2-3 serving of salmon or trout in a week. In case you do want to eat fish ask your doctor to prescribe you a fish oil supplement
  • Lose weight: Excessive body weight during and post menopause could add to the risks of stroke, hoLose-Weight-Post-Menopause-2t flashes, and breast cancer. Try and lose weight and for this opt for a diet change along with some mild exercises.
  • Increase the calcium intake: During menopause or even before it, add to the calcium intake as after 40 your body needs more of it. You need to take around 1,200mg of calcium daily. As now the estrogen level is low and the body is not going to absorb all that you take so the more the better.
  • Take foods that relieve bloating: Bloating tends to bother every female going through menopause. As a result, this is why the focus should be on foods that would bring in some relief. Cut on the salt intake and switch to a fiber rich diet. Always keep an apple or some nuts handy to ensure that your stomach does not stay empty for long.

In Conclusion

Slimfy has been working wonders on cutting down that extra weight. Not only that, it works on boosting the metabolism and treating bloating by carrying out intensive detoxification. If you want to begin losing weight, give a try to Slimfy like I did. I am sure you too would find that this product works miraculously on those extra pounds. It is going to keep your mood happy so that you can work it hard to kick off those pounds and that too without thinking about those annoying hormones. Done reading? Then find more tips on how to lose weight post menopause online!


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