Lose Weight Post Pregnancy The Vegan Way

For any young mother, to lose weight post pregnancy is the most important thing. While gaining weight in pregnancy is good for the unborn baby, but there are many ladies who in their anxiousness put extra pounds. I know that pregnancy phase is joyful and no one minds how much weight you gain, but once the baby is out in the world that race to perfect body needs to begin. Depending on the weight you have gained, you need to plan the weight loss; usually, a lady gains around 15 to 40 pounds during those 9 months, and trust me it takes almost the same or even more to shed that off. But luckily, there are ways to lose weight post pregnancy.

Well, it’s not that the pace of weight loss is slow, actually, you cannot overstress your body when lactating and this is why most of the young mommies begin with diets before jumping to workout sessions. Out of those 40 pounds, most is fat along with bodily fluids and thus it is a nice idea to begin with that simple vegan diet for first six weeks and then move on to anything extensive as you firstly need a major detox. One of the most interesting ways in which you can begin losing pregnancy fat almost immediately is breastfeeding, believe me with this that belly fat is going to vanish soon.

Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Make sure that you take in a good amount of calories as the baby is always hungry for more and with that healthy vegan diet made of fruits, nuts, and veggies you too will get the strength needed. In my opinion, the elements that need to be in the daily dietary regime of every new mother are beans, nuts, fruits, seeds, veggies and lots of greens as they come packed with folic acid. Here are other tips on how to lose weight post pregnancy:

Take a nutrition rich diet.

Consuming calories won’t suffice; you need enough of these to pass on the nutrition to the baby. You are going to burn around 300 calories breastfeeding the baby so plan your diet with this in mind and take in lots of dense vegan foods such as soy milk and avocados.

Take in good nutrients.

In order to lose weight, the vegan way planning a diet becomes important. Although this might be a big challenge for the nonvegetarians, but with foods that have enough vitamin B12, protein and calcium this will become possible. Segregate the diet in a way that the body gets around 90 grams of protein and 1,000mgs of calcium daily. The foods that will give you these nutrients are nuts, beans, yogurt, cereals and fortified juices.Lose-Weight-Post-Pregnancy-The-Vegan-Way-2

Stay hydrated.

Always remember, don’t drink water only when you are thirsty. Make this your weight loss mantra post-pregnancy and you will notice that fat melting away. When I say to stay hydrated I am talking of water only. So, make sure that you do not go in for those high-calorie drinks and juices. Instead, opt in for green tea or low-fat milk and soups.

Take multiple meals.

For a breastfeeding lady it’s important to take in regular meals at shorter intervals but all healthy ones. Try to have at least 2 meal snacks daily and for this, you can keep nuts, yogurt, fruits, cheese and some sprouts handy. Do not just take in the items that I have mentioned, you can try in a whole variety of things like dried fruits, lentils and if longing for a meat goes in for a meat substitute such as the vegan gyro.

Keep yourself busy.

I feel that every new mommy out there is super busy all 24 hours with no time to rest. But still, I feel you should indulge in something that gives you happiness. Prepare a lovely meal in advance. Freeze some sumptuous meals. Prepare snacks in bigger volume so that you always have something to munch.

In Conclusion

To lose weight the healthy way, young mothers can plan some good menus. As a result, it cuts away that monotony and gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs. For one day, it can be a heavy muffin breakfast with a super light yet healthy spinach burrito. Or it can be a black bean and whole wheat tortilla.

Apart from all these diet changes, a good body detox would definitely act as a great beginning. With several Slimfy products, new mommies can pick the one that helps them lose weight the healthy way. I relied on this miracle product and took vegan balanced diet for 6 months. All this along with my goal to lose post pregnancy! I am now fitting in those old clothes, can’t explain that feeling, I am super happy! Do you want to learn more on how to lose weight post pregnancy? Then you can do so with other online articles. Lose weight post pregnancy the vegan way, it’s simple and easy!


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