Lose Weight At Any Age For Women

5 Realistic Tips For Women To Lose Weight At Any Age!

With each one of us blessed with a different metabolism pace, some people have to put in extra efforts to lose weight while some never gain any. If you ask me who has struggled at every stage to kick off those extra pounds, believe me for a female this journey is really tougher as not every time the body takes in those changes easily.

My Story

I always used to feel that the scale does not work in my case; I mean it always stuck around those figures that I simply used to hate. It was post-marriage that this trend became a regular one, I used to go on a diet, lose weight and then in few months it came back. Then finally, I consulted few obesity medicine consultants and physicians and they made me realize that in females the rate of weight loss tends to drop as soon as they enter adulthood and thus more efforts lead to small results.

Stupid Metabolism!

All thanks to that sluggish metabolic track, the food that we eat does not break down completely and all those to those responsibilities at home and work not many get a chance to workout or even run or jog.  Adding to the trouble are those premenstrual symptoms that knock door every month bringing in enough fluctuations in the metabolic and digestive tract and all these factors pile up to make the weight loss journey a painful one.

Tips To Lose Weight

I have experienced all of this and then finally decided to stay steady with my efforts and thankfully came in some brilliant results. I have compiled a list of 5 cheat codes or tips that would help you lovely ladies lose weight at any age, so let’s get started!

Clear Goals- Quicker Results:

Get realistic, you are not going to get a celeb body in a fortnight. You will need to workout for at least 10 to 12 months to kick off all that extra baggage on the body. With clear goal realization, it will become easy for you to plan out the resources. Have 7 to 8 hours of sleep so that you wake up energized. Take in a balanced diet to give your body what it actually needs.

Add To The Protein Intake:

Whether it is that post pregnancy flab or post-menopausal fat? You can easily shed it off with protein. Make sure you take in at least 13 grams of protein daily. Do not miss on those good carbs try to have at least 25 grams of these too. Take in foods that will give you both, why not try a Greek yogurt.

Go Health Techie:

Technology is not about talking on Smartphones and Google things. There are some wonderful apps that will help you track down what you eat and will also tell to how much you need to workout to burn away all those calories taken in a day. If not comfortable with the gadgets, involve your kids and ask them to come out with some interesting and motivational tools that help you stay on the weight loss track.

Don’t Miss On Sleep:

Life of a lady is tough as the entire day revolves around work, kids, and spouse. Give your life some breather by taking a sound sleep. It has been found that the ladies who are sleep deprived meddle more with hormonal shifts. Therefore, they only gain weight and don’t lose any.

Try Supplements:

Although this idea might not appealing, but taking in some good multivitamin supplements is going to improve the overall health. As a result, this will make it easy for you to lose weight. You can add probiotics, fish oil, vitamin K and vitamin D to the daily diet. These will give you enough energy to work out.


When I talk of supplements, there is one product that I would like every weight loss enthusiast to try. No matter what the gender is, try Slimfy. There are multiple products for different weight loss goals. And what is common between these is that they are natural and highly effective. I made few of my friends try it and they too found results pretty convincing and encouraging.

In Conclusion

For anyone who feels that shedding off those extra pounds is impossible? Slimfy would act as a great beginning. It prepares the body for the changes that would arrive whilst perking up the energy levels. So, if you too are fat or obese? Give this a try I am sure you would sound the same opinion at the end. Happy weight loss journey!


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While these testimonials are from real people based on real experiences, they should be considered anecdotal.

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