Making Love: What Your Man Wishes You Knew

Being in a relationship isn’t only a fun thing for those who need a friend to support them all day and all night, but it’s also a great way to release pleasure as well! The physical aspect of relationships is what drives people mad, with their pleasures soaring as they reach the peak when under the covers. Lovemaking is a beautiful act. While it’s censored for the kids, it shouldn’t be considered bad when couples do it! It’s human nature. It’s beautiful. It feels great! There is no problem with that, just do it with a trusted partner! In this article, we show you the things men wish their partners know about making love.


What Men Wish Women Knew About Making Love

Think it’s only the women who whisper or gossip about their sex life? Think again. It’s surprising to know that there are some things your man wants to you know when making love. Men are shy about these things. But don’t leave them for granted! Your man probably tries his bet to please you in the bedroom as well.

  1. Leave his porn collection

This is a problem for many women. They feel intimidated or as if they were cheated on. All because their partners watch a bit of action online! It’s simply for their pleasure and nothing to worry about, really! It’s a way to release some stress for some, just like how women have toys for masturbation.

  1. More yes to sex

It’s clear that men love to spend time under the sheets. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they are after when being committed to you. They just happen to love being pleasured when they ask. When you reject them, they feel less confident and rejected, making them ask it less and distancing themselves and ruining your relationship together.

  1. Explore the body

It isn’t just his penis you’re after, but the whole body as well! Men actually love to women exploring everywhere, if you know what we mean. It’s a bit similar as to when men go straight to your privates after simply 10 seconds in other areas!

Advice for Better Lovemaking

When it comes to making love and keeping your partner pleasured, there are several things you may want to follow. Of course, it’s all about your preference as well, but you’ll obviously want to be pleasing both you and your partner. While there are a lot of positions you are able to do that can make the activities under the sheet better, you can also try following these tips in order to satisfy both you and your man when making love.

  1. Talk to your partner about any fantasies or things he would like to do

It isn’t only about your pleasure, but his as well! You don’t need to sit down and talk about it. You can listen to his body and the way he hints when doing the deed. Surprise him with what he wants. He’ll do the same right back at you another time! This will pleasure both of you. And you never know, you may actually share the same likes under the sheets!

  1. Create time for making love

It doesn’t need to be right on schedule! But it’s recommended to have sex every few days or whenever both you and your partner feel like it. It’s got a lot of health benefits you’ll be able to reap. Plus it is one hell of a hot calorie burner! Talk about your free time. Release the tension by having some fun under the covers instead of saving all that pent up stress from work.

  1. Respect each other

This means that if you or your partner isn’t in the mood, then it may be time to cool things down a bit. They may want to do something else other than having sex. Spend time together and find ways to have fun if ever you or him isn’t in the mood. Don’t get pissed off at him for it!

In Conclusion

If you and your partner expressed your opinions and ideas, finding ways to work together to satisfy each other? Then you won’t have any problems when under the sheets. That way, you’ll avoid any fights or tension when in bed. That will make your relationship filled with love and pleasure without keeping secrets. What are you waiting for? Try these tips and talk with your man about these things he may want you to know. This is in order to get down to business and have the time of your life in bed! Not only will your partner thank you, but you’ll fill yourself with pleasure as well. Hopefully, these tips will be able to help you when it comes to making love. Also, it will help you be aware of what your partner wants in sex.


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