Nutritious Food That Give You Energy

Delicious, Nutritious Food To Begin Your Day!

If you are in the habit of skipping your breakfast, shun this habit immediately. Your body is already in its starved mode after 8 hours of sleep and you need to feed it with something healthy, nutritious and sumptuous as a first meal in the morning. Try some nutritious food!


This is one such meal that provides your body with the energy that it days all day and satisfies your appetite till the next meal time comes, so make sure that you do not dig on those noodles or oily snacks, instead take it a good amount of carbs along with some protein.

Nutritionists suggest that people who have a wholesome breakfast in the morning are less attracted those not so healthy snacks and this is what helps them stay healthy. If you want to start off your day on a healthy note, please add nutritious food to your breakfast, like I do.

Oatmeal – Filling & Heart Friendly

With the presence of beta-glucan, oats are a complete food that helps in lowering cholesterol. Need another reason to add oats to the diet, well; they contain a good amount of fiber that is going to keep your digestive tract fully functional. Available in so many flavor and taste variants, you can surely have a new breakfast each day with oats and that too without feeling guilty.

Creamy, Tangy Yogurt – Gives You Enough Calcium & Protein

That yogurt lying in your fridge is loaded with protein and calcium, so add some honey or fruits to it and you will get an amazing breakfast. Go in for the non-fat yogurt and add your favorite nuts if on a weight loss diet.

Grapefruit – A Fat Burning Breakfast ItemNutritious-Food-That-Give-You-Energy-2

If you are trying to lose weight have grapefruit at least twice a week and you will notice that it is extremely filling and keeps you hydrated for long. Not only that but burning properties of grapefruit will also help you lose weight and those antioxidants will improve your immunity.

Banana – Helps Keep Those Unhealthy Craving Away

There is no food as filling as banana and this is why it is a super food. With enough amount of resistant starch, this fruit is going to give you with healthy carbs that you need to stay active all day long. Potassium is present in banana. As a result, it is going to help lower your blood pressure levels and will keep your metabolic tract healthy. Slice a banana and add it to your favorite fruit salad, smoothie or cereal. This is going to be a yummy breakfast meal.

Replace Peanut Butter With Almond Butter

If you are a vegan who is looking for a low-fat breakfast meal, try to replace your peanut butter with almond butter. Almond is a great source of protein and has some good monosaturated fats too. Because of this, you can combine it with anything savories such as a whole grain bread or even a fruit such as banana or apple. As a result, those who are allergic to peanuts can definitely give a try to the almond one.

Eggs – A Complete Food Loaded With Proteins & Vitamin D

If you do not have calories on your mind, then an egg daily is going to act as a wonder breakfast. If you want to give your body with nutrients and proteins, there is no better alternative than eggs. You can have 300 milligrams of an egg daily and it is not going to disturb your dietary cholesterol levels.

Watermelon – A Wonder Food For Your Heart & Vision

Watermelon is a filling breakfast. This is because it has enough water content in it. As a result, it keeps you hydrated all day long. Lycopene present in watermelon is going to improve your vision, keep your heart healthy, and prevent cancer. A full cup of watermelon gives you just 40 calories. As a result, this means that those on a weight loss spree can add this to their daily diet.

Flaxseed – A Little Sprinkle Can Act Wonders To Your Health

For the ones who do not want to make drastic changes in their diet? Try adding flax seeds. It would be a great option. You just need to sprinkle a bit on your favorite breakfast cereal or smoothie or juice. As a result, your body will get its required dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Apart from these, there are some other incredibly sumptuous and nutritious food items to add to your breakfast. These are blackberries, strawberries, coffee, tea, orange juice and cereal. Add these nutritious food to your breakfast and those hunger pangs would never bother you.

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