Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream Review

Anti-aging creams are one of the best beauty products to invest on today. This is because they will be able to do a lot for your overall skin health and beauty. With the hundreds of brands available, it may be difficult to choose from the bunch! In this article, we review Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream.

Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream Review

After reading a ton of positive reviews and hearing great things from the company that created this anti-aging cream, I decided to try it out for about a month. I bought a jar worth about $100. Upon receiving the package, I loved the sleek design of the jar and box, feeling as if the company were legit and reputable to provide great anti-aging creams for ultimate skin health. But after a few days, I was so wrong!

All I needed to do was to apply a small amount on my face and neck, letting it absorb for about five minutes before rinsing it off.

First of all, the smell was very empowering, with me smelling like a strong woman the whole time I used it, even if I applied only a little bit. The smell was too strong, even for a woman like me. It’s definitely not versatile and can’t suit guys, as I’m sure that a lot of people would complain about the feminine stench.

Onto the cream itself. After a few days of applying it to my daily routine, I noticed that I had rashes around my face. I apparently had an allergic reaction or something from one of the ingredients! Not only that, but my skin felt greasy and much oilier than it was in the first place. It doesn’t hydrate the skin as promised but made it feel worse. Upon researching on the product and ingredients, I found out that it had Paraben inside it, which is a carcinogen that may cause cancer or other sicknesses.

Worth the Price?

At a price of around $100 and giving me all those effects, I can say that NO, it definitely isn’t something I’m willing to purchase again. The design is pretty and sleek. But now, I feel like all I paid for was for the name and packaging. The content is not worth the money and hassle, and that’s what I’m after for. Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream disappointed me. I feel like I blew a lot of my time and money on this. No, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they want to end up overpowering with a “too-feminine” scent and skin worse than what you started out with.

I was disgusted and stopped using it immediately. This was to avoid suffering from any other side effects. After a few days, my skin became clearer without the application of the cream! So the cream was truly the culprit. I was very disappointed. I expected a lot more for its price and brand name. But all I got was more trouble because of the reaction it gave me, as well as the strong scent! The comments were not kind at all and I ended up being embarrassed for how I both looked and smelled.

I researched for other reviews and found out that I’m not alone when suffering from these side effects. After checking out some more brands and home remedies, I find out that it’s even more affordable and more effective making your own or going for cheaper alternatives than this. At least they will be able to work and give you the results you expect. The search for the best anti-aging cream for all skin types and colors continues!

In Conclusion

Anti-aging creams are a Godsend, but some may just end up destroying your beauty as well. That’s why it’s best to make sure that the cream you choose is the right one with the ingredients you need for ultimate skin health. And with Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream? I would say it isn’t worth it and won’t recommend it to anyone looking to stay young! It doesn’t do anything at all but give you more hassle, wasting money on other beauty products to help remedy the side effects it has given. It’s too expensive for its name and content, and definitely something I won’t try again. There are better choices out there, and so long as you do your research, you’ll definitely be able to find the one suitable for your skin.

Did you enjoy the article or want to post your review on the Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think about this anti-aging cream. You can also comment down what you would want us to review next to help you out with your beauty goals.

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