Sex Exercises to Enhance Your Sex Life!

Being in a relationship has got a lot of perks you’ll love. You’ll have someone to support you and guide you, while you are also able to do the same. Not only that, but there’s the physical aspect of relationships as well, including the pleasurable sex life! I’m sure that everyone in a relationship would love to have an avid sex life. Many people are surprised to know that exercise links with sex! With proper exercise, you’ll have better sex, and give you and your partner the pleasure you both want. This article shows you all about the sex exercises you can do to please you and your partner in bed.


Sex Exercises

Here are the sex exercises you’ll want to try out:

  1. Goddess Pose

You get to release tension and improve on your sexuality. What you need to do is to lie on the floor with your knees bent, then raise yourself up with your elbows supporting you. Keep your head and shoulders back. Keep this pose for about 3 breaths, then lower your body slowly.

  1. ButterflySex-Exercises-to-Enhance-Your-Sex-Life-2

This strengthens your pelvis, which in turn will improve sexual pleasure for both you and your partner. What you need to do is to lie flat on your back with your knees on the floor. Then, slowly bring your knees up until they touch. Squeeze your inner thighs as you do this. Repeat around 8-12 times.

  1. Pelvic Lift

This helps enhance the muscles around your pelvic area. Not only that, but it lifts your butt up as well. What you need to do is to lie flat on your back with your knees bent, and lift your hips up, squeezing them. Hold for a few seconds, and lower. Repeat this for 8-12 times.

  1. Leg Extension

These are best to open up sex nerves, enhancing arousal and libido. What you need to do is to sit with your knees bent but raised halfway, then extend your legs. After that, spread your legs and bring it back to the straight leg position, and bend your knees. Repeat this around 8-12 times or for 1 minute.

More Sex Exercises

  1. Arm Extension

This enhances your arm and shoulder muscles, making it great when doing a couple of sex positions. Plus, they release pressure from certain nerves, releasing endorphins and hormones that enhance sex. What you will need to do is to either sit or stand with your back straight and arms wide open. Make the thumbs up sign, and slowly point your thumbs forward, rolling your arms while doing it. Then go back to the thumbs up position. Repeat this around 8-12 times.

  1. Bound Pose

This helps with releasing sex nerves that make your libido balanced. What you will need to do is to sit in an Indian position, with the soles of your feet meeting together. Place your hands on your toes, then drop your head towards your chest, leaning forward and resting your arms on your thighs. Keep this pose for about 3 breaths, and raise yourself up slowly.

  1. Cobra Pose

The cobra pose will help lengthen your back and stretch it, making you comfortable to do a lot of positions when in bed. What you need to do is to lie facedown on the floor, and with the help of the palms of your hands, raise yourself up. Raise up until you feel your back stretching, and when on the top, raise your head as well, looking up to the sky. Hold this for around 8 breaths, and go back to your original position. Repeat this around 8-12 times.

When to Do Sex Exercises

These sex exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do it during your office break, or right in the comforts of your own home. It takes little space! Pair it with a healthy meal plan, and you’ll have a better body to feel confident in and for your partner to love. It’s best to do these exercises in the morning for ultimate fat burn and to also improve on your sleep at night. These won’t only help you for an avid sex life, but you’ll also become a healthier person!

In Conclusion

These sex exercises are simple and easy to do, and you won’t even need much equipment for it! You can do it right in the comforts of your own home. In time, not only will you have a better sex life, but you’ll have a better body as well, turning both you and him on for more action in bed. So what are you waiting for? Try these sex exercises and see how it will improve your action under the sheets!

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