Sex Life and Weight: How Are They Related?

Having a partner in life isn’t only awesome mentally, but it feels physically great as well. Not only do you have someone to support you every day no matter what you go through, but you’ll also be able to have fun in bed no matter the time of day! Sex with your partner holds many benefits, and not only does it physically pleasure you, but it reduces stress as well. It’s definitely something to do when you’re in the mood. But have you ever wondered how your weight can affect your sex life?

Weight and Sex Life?

Your weight can affect the way you perform in bed, or it can affect sexual arousal. It may be yours or your partner’s libido. While it may be a bit odd thinking about how weight has something to do with lovemaking and your sex life, they are actually connected in not just physical, but mental terms as well! In this article, we show you how your weight may be affecting your sex life and the libido of you or your partner.

How Your Weight Affects Your Sex Life

There are different reasons as to why weight can be affecting your sex life, such as:

Psychological Reasons

  1. Recent weight gain may have you feeling too conscious about your body. Women who have gained a few pounds from pregnancy or their lifestyle have lost their libido due to lack of confidence in themselves. Some women even have sex with their shirts on or the lights off, eager to get it over with just to hide their weight gain!
  2. While there are a few health reasons that have affected sexual arousal, it all comes down to the psychological factors of weight and sex. Many women just don’t feel it due to the insecurity of their body. While they may feel turned on and ready, their mind screams no because of the lack of confidence they have in the excess weight they have in their bodies. This causes them to feel less desirable, thus decreasing their arousal for an avid sex life, even if their partners want it!

Physical Reasons

  1. Gaining body fat will have your hormones change, making it imbalanced. This means your sex hormones and libido will be confused as well, usually decreasing! Your sex hormones and those that stimulate sexual arousal will begin to fall the more you put on or lose weight, thus losing any sexual drive you have.Sex-Life-and-Weight-How-Are-They-Related-1
  2. If you are obese or suffering from high cholesterol, the blood circulation starts to slow down. Because of this, the blood flow going down to the clitoris area starts to slow down as well. It removes any form of sexual arousal in women. There are also many other obesity-related diseases that affect the libido and sex drives in women. These diseases may be heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.
  3. Being overweight can hinder you and your partner from doing sex positions you may want to do. This causes less arousal for both you and your partner. Some positions may be difficult to do due to the excess weight or flesh.

More Physical Reasons

  1. Another thing being overweight does is give you the sedentary lifestyle you do NOT want. This means you’ll get tired easily. Not only that, but you will have less stamina and endurance. Basically, you won’t be able to move as much as compared to being thinner. This means not having the energy and losing your arousal for sex because of feeling tired due to your being overweight.
  2. Being overweight does not only cause physical problems but mental issues as well. It isn’t only about confidence, but it may cause depression. Depression and other mental illness acquired from obesity may decrease your libido and sexual arousal.
  3. Taking medicine due to your obesity, may it be physical or mental illnesses? That may be what’s causing your lack of sexual arousal. Having less sex drive is a symptom of many types of medicine that aids in obesity-related diseases.

In Conclusion

These reasons why weight affects your sex life shouldn’t be the cause to stop the pleasurable activity! It may be time to lose weight to bring back the confidence you have in yourself. Not just that, but the pleasure back in your partner’s eyes as well. Through a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep, you will not only have the physique you dreamed of! You will also be energized and feeling great to boost your arousal and sex life with your partner! You’ll be able to find more weight tips around the website. You can also find tips on how to make sex more pleasurable and fun. What are you waiting for? Check these articles out now and try them out for a great sex life and better relationship with your partner.

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