Shed Belly Fat As A Whole Family

“Family means no one gets left behind” is a famous quote from a Disney movie. We’ve all heard of this. We live through this, with our family being one of the most important things in the world. Unfortunately, while the family is all about togetherness, they may be united in the wrong things, such as weight gain! When a family eats unhealthy together, with the idea of quality time being glued to the television, then chances are that they will inevitably gain weight together as well. And that’s no amusing lifestyle households go through! So it’s time to shed belly fat together.

Unhealthy Habits Lead To Dire Consequences

Not only does being overweight decrease confidence in parents and children, but it’s also an unhealthy habit, which can lead to a number of serious conditions as you grow older. That isn’t something you would want to pass to your children now, isn’t it? Unhealthy family lifestyles have become a norm in many countries, with parents letting their children do their own thing and having technology as their source of entertainment. With fast food that delivers quickly, it gets discouraging to make some effort in the kitchen as well!

Shed Belly Fat Together!


What’s the solution to the bulging tummies and belly fat slowly growing into the household? Here are some tips on how to lose weight as a family:

  1. Set up challenges and give non-food rewards

A family sticks together. But, there must be some competition to raise the heat and stay encouraged to keep up a healthy lifestyle! Try to create fun contests wherein the family member who eats the healthiest wins television control for the night, or if the whole family walks together, they get to go out for a healthy dinner.

Setting rewards such as a few extra dollars in your child’s allowance, or giving them the new toy they’ve wanted, will also encourage them to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. Plus, it’s a fun challenge to do as a family!Shed-Belly-Fat-As-A-Whole-Family-2

  1. Create goals

While it’s easy to say that your whole family should eat healthier and exercise more, each member has their own body and goals to achieve, and it isn’t universal. Have your family checked by the local doctor and get advice as to how many pounds a member needs to gain or lose, and what type of food and exercise they are allowed to do. That way, you will have a basis on what the whole family can do together, and you will be able to achieve your different goals as one team.

  1. Change the diet

Throw those frozen dinners and takeout flyers away! It’s time to start fresh, and head on to the groceries to buy real food. Sit down as a family and list down your favorite whole food meals, or meals you are able to tweak in order to create it in a healthy manner. Spend some time in the kitchen and let your whole family join as well. Not only will your whole family be knowledgeable on how to cook on their own, but you’ll also get to bond with them as well!

Sit down as a family and eat healthily. Studies show that families who sit down to eat together are less likely to gain belly fat.

  1. Move more

When losing or maintaining weight, it’s best to keep an active lifestyle. Instead of spending “quality time” on the couch while watching television or using any devices, try going out more and explore. Walk around the park, find trails to bike on, explore different landmarks, the choice is up to you! Whatever gets you out of the house! Make sure it keeps you moving. This a good change, helping you burn calories. Furthermore, you actually spend real time with family without being cooped up at home.

  1. Become the role model of the household

Of course, a parent is the first and main role model children look up to. You have to use this as motivation to continue the fit and healthy lifestyle, so as to encourage your children to stick to it as well. If they see you snacking on junk, chances are they will do the same! Get the right mindset and show your children that if you can live the healthy life, so can they.

Shed Belly Fat: In Conclusion

Losing weight as a family can be difficult as some members will fall off the wagon several times. But it all boils down to eating and exercising in moderation. It is also all about having the right mindset and the willingness to make the healthy lifestyle change. Talk to your family about it, and make sure everyone is on board!


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