Shoe Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!

Shoe Hacks You Need To Know About

Facing shoe problems? Always face issues maintaining your shoes? Are you looking for some cheat codes to get rid of all those shoes related problems? I am here with a list of some amazing shoe hacks that every girl out there needs to know and practice.


To begin with, I am a shoe fetish with countless shoes in my collection, but every time when I plan to take one out of the closet and wear it something or the other tends to bother. I love my shoes and have been following web blogs and videos to learn some effective shoe hacks and here is a complete list of my all time favorite ones. I really hope that you too will find these shoe hacks useful.

Use Nail Polish Remover To Clean Your Sneakers

I know how tough it is to clean those messy and dirty sneakers, but now you do not have to worry about this. Use your nail polish remover to clean these and you will have those super shiny and dazzling white shoes at the end.

Get Rid Of Shoe Blisters With Deodorant

Do you have bought new shoes and want to prevent those sores and blisters from occurring? Rub a little deodorant at the corners. When you slide in the shoes there will be lesser friction and as a result of that, you will be able to spend a blister free day.

No Fall With Anti Slip Tape

Shoe-Hacks-Every-Girl-Needs-To-Know-2Now that you have bought those stilettos without checking out the base and now you will that it is too slippery, do not worry, just apply an anti-slip tape and you are good to go. If it gets torn, change the tape. That way, you do not fall.

Use Cooking Oil As A Shoe Polish

Didn’t get time to buy a new shoe polish? Use that cooking oil present in the kitchen as one. Take a pinch of cooking oil and apply it on the shoes. Make sure that you do not go at the bottom. This cheat code is meant for only black shoes.

For Slippery Sole Use Sandpaper

Another amazing shoe hack that I use quite often, I rub sand paper on the bottom side of the shoes to create some traction and this makes the shoes slip free. Always keep a 50- grit one handy as you never know when you might need it.

Use Emery Board For Those Difficult Stains

In case you have stained out those lovely looking pink shoes or green ballerinas, use your emery board to remove all the stains. Do not rub it hard, just go for some mild rubs few times and the stains are going to vanish.

Shoes Smelling Bad- Use Baking Powder

If your shoes smell bad, especially in summers, use a coffee filter and sprinkle some baking soda onto it. Leave it overnight and in the morning you will have new like shoes that have no smell at all.

Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes With Beeswax

An amazing hack for those who love wearing canvas shoes or any other shoes! Just rub a little beeswax on the shoes and you are good to go. Now when the water falls on the shoe beeswax will take away all the moisture leaving shoes dry.

For That Gross Odor- Use Tea Bags

Baking soda hack did not work for you? Slip on some dry tea bags into your shoes and leave them rest overnight. The bags will absorb the odor giving you fresh smelling shoes. This hack tends to work great for gym shoes, go ahead and give it a try.

Sweaty Feet- Always Use A Dry Shampoo Before You Slip In Your Favorite Shoes

There are some people who tend to sweat a lot and for them, this hack comes to help. Always apply some dry shampoo on your feet before you slip into your shoes. Because of this, the shampoo is going to absorb all the moisture.

Use Toothbrush To Deal With Scuff Marks

If your favorite shoes have got some stains, use a toothbrush, rub it on the marks. As a result, you will get back new like shoes. You can even use an eraser if you feel that the marks are not going away.

I always keep some vinegar and water handy, because those watermarks can be easily removed from those pricey leather shoes. In conclusion, these tips will help you get great looking shoes and feel great as well!

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