Sleep Better With These Easy Tips!

Sleep is one of the most important factors to determine your overall health. After all, everyone needs their beauty rest to avoid breaking down and feeling too tired to function! While it’s been said that we need at least 8-10 hours of sleep, it actually all depends on the person himself. While some are fully functional with 6 hours of sleep, some would prefer to have 10 hours of it in order to feel fully rested. But don’t you hate the fact that there will be times that no matter how much sleep you’re able to get, you still won’t feel as if you’re fully awake in the morning? You need to sleep better!

Get a Good Night’s Rest And Sleep Better


The reason why you may not be feeling great in the morning even after sleeping might be because you aren’t getting the quality of sleep your mind and body needs. Studies show that as long as you are able to sleep better and with no disturbance, then you will be able to be energized for the day ahead.

How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep?

That means in order for you to feel energized, you must have the appropriate amount of sleep to get you ready for the day. It may seem like an easy solution, but some people may find this difficult to do. Luckily, there are some tips you can follow in order to not only sleep better but to also live a healthier life as well!

Here are some ways on how to wake up in the morning without feeling tired:

Before Sleeping

  1. Do not consume any chocolate, caffeine or alcohol before bedtime.

Caffeine is one of the sources of energy that keep you up at night, so it’s best to move your coffee break in the morning. Tea is still a great drink to have before you sleep, though, as it has little caffeine and the antioxidants will help calm yourself into sleep mode.

While alcohol is a way for some people to sleep, it definitely isn’t recommended as it can be unhealthy when drunk in large quantities, and it won’t improve your quality of sleep. Plus, the hangover isn’t great to feel when waking up in the morning!

Chocolate lovers can’t win this round, as studies show that the caffeine and sugar found in chocolate will keep you awake at night, and that definitely will not help your quality of sleep!

  1. Use the bathroom before sleeping.

To avoid waking up in the middle of the night for that untimely bathroom break, use the bathroom before you sleep and avoid eating heavy meals or drinking water. That way, your sleep will improve and it will lessen the chances of you having to get up to pee or do your business.

  1. Evaluate your bedroom

The environment you sleep in is also a factor. Make sure that your room is comfortable and sends a good vibe, keeping you at ease and sleep better. This means a dim room without gadgets or lights to lessen stress and help you fall asleep quickly.

Upon Waking Up

  1. Think positive

When waking up in the morning, you’ll obviously feel better once you’ve thought of something to inspire your day! Thinking positive and happy thoughts will get you ready for the day ahead. Furthermore, it will have you feeling great all the way. After all, when did positivity become something that ruined one’s morning?Sleep-Better-With-These-Easy-Tips-2

  1. Exercise

Studies have shown that exercising in the morning will help you feel energized. Not only that, but it also sends in hormones that keep you positive and happy for the day ahead. Light exercise such as yoga or a walk around the neighborhood will help you feel better. Furthermore, you get to burn calories as well!

  1. Drink water

Water is one of the ways to help boost your immune system and wake you up in the morning. A glass of water to start your day will immediately perk you up! You will also be ready for the next task at hand. So remember to hydrate upon waking up!


These tips are not only helpful for your resting needs but for your lifestyle as well! Your mind and body will definitely thank you for these small lifestyle changes. With the proper diet, exercise, and rest? You will be able to make the day a better one and focus on the tasks at hand. Still feeling tired or do not have enough sleep? you may consult a doctor for advice, or find tips online as to what you should be eating or doing to help sleep better.

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