Sleep & Weight Loss: 3 Surprising Ways They Relate and Have You Gain!

With the holidays now over, it is time to make lifestyle changes and begin looking for ways to become a fitter and healthier version of ourselves! While it is not the most difficult, it certainly won’t be the easiest journey. It will take a ton of knowledge and attitude to reach your fitness goals. If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time now, then you may have already experienced that dreaded plateau. Some people get frustrated with the sudden stop in weight loss, which has them giving up. No matter how much they stick to their diet and exercise regime, it may seem like it isn’t enough. But did you know that sleep and weight loss are correlated? It might actually be your sleep hindering your weight loss goals! How so? In this article, we show you all about the relations of sleep & weight loss.

How Do Sleep & Weight Loss Relate?

Are you wondering how sleep and weight loss go together? Here are three ways on how they do:

  1. Midnight Munches

    You may be guilty of sleeping late. Some people end up with little to no sleep at all! While this may seem like they are strong, this doesn’t help with weight loss at all. For those cramming on projects and avoiding sleep, they look for other alternatives to keep them awake. They look for sugary or fat-laden food to keep them up. Or, they end up having midnight snacks, binging on junk as they catch up on television series! This ends up with them gaining more weight than ever. That’s why it’s best to keep a sleeping schedule and a meal plan. This is to ensure you get good sleep, reduce chances of binge eating at night, and have you feeling more energized.

  2. Lack of Energy = No Exercisesleep & weight loss

    Without the proper amount of sleep, you end up feeling less energized. You are groggy and cranky, and you have more chances of skipping your workouts because of that. If you turn in late and wake up early, you tend to feel as if you’re too lazy or tired to get up. This causes you to say no to exercise and give in to the temptations of sleeping. So, no calories burned, and you may just end up gaining weight if you match midnight munchies with the lack of exercise.

  3. Imbalanced Hormones and Cravings

    Because you aren’t sleeping properly, your brain begins to feel tired. You may not feel it at first, but your mind starts to make bad decisions from bad sleeping habits. From choosing junk or “bad” food down to tempting you to skip workouts, you end up being unhealthier instead of what you want to be. Plus, the imbalances of your brain lead to imbalanced levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, further having you crave and more susceptible to diseases.

How to Fix Your Sleeping Schedule

Fixing your sleeping schedule doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a bit of time for you to be able to sleep well. But once you start getting used to a good sleeping schedule, you’ll love the benefits it has to offer. Here are some tips you can follow to sleep better and shed the pounds:

  • Create a good schedule that has you sleeping for about eight hours a day.
  • Sleep early and get up early for a morning workout. It’s better to workout in the morning than at night, so you won’t postpone the workout. Morning workouts are also known to help you cool down and rest easy at night.
  • Lessen the usage of gadgets or thinking about obligations before sleeping. This is so you will have less time thinking and focus more on rest.

In Conclusion

Want to lose weight? You aren’t alone! There are millions of people around the world looking to shed the pounds. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You may just be looking into things the wrong way. There are a few factors that may affect your weight loss. It isn’t just eating and exercise. Sleep may play a huge part with your weight loss as well. That is why it’s very important to make sure you get an adequate amount of it. Hopefully, this article on the surprising facts on sleep & weight loss will have helped you become more knowledgeable on what sleep can do for your weight and health. Instead of late night munchies and feeling too tired for the gym, schedule your sleep and find ways to improve on it today! You’ll definitely feel the change in the long run.

Did you enjoy the article or have any other comments on how sleep & weight loss are related? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think.

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