Healthy Food Trends For 2016

If you are a trend watcher and follower, don’t think of fashion! Instead, think of your health. There are some healthy food trends going rounds globally, and these tend to be healthier and tastier that those snack bars and cricket flour we have all munched on in 2015.

Looking for something tasty and refreshing? Here is a complete list of healthy food trends to try this year.

Healthy Food Trends Today


Spice Up Your Yogurt

Jam packed with nutrients and health that sober yogurt needs to go in for a transformation this year. Play around with the spices of your choice. Add a little cardamom, cinnamon, and some roasted cumin, and you will fall in love with yogurt again.

If you want to go in for that savory restaurant-like taste, add a dash of paprika and a dash of your favorite fruits such as blackberry or strawberry. For the ones who love it plain, these tiny tweaks would maybe act refreshing.

Eat From Root To Stem

Yes, this might sound weird, but with everything going organic why not our food. There is enough food that we waste which if goes into the stomach will keep the digestive tract intact. As a result, we need to eat healthier.

Begin a habit of root to stalk to root to stem eating and believe it you will start enjoying those veggies a lot more.

Use carrots, beet greens and turnips fully and try to incorporate these in all those soups and dishes to get that extra kick of fiber and flavor. Also, try adding some protein as well!

No More Sweet Snacking

Snacking needs to go healthy. To be able to do that, stop thinking about those sweet snacks. They are prohibited this year for the sake of your health. We all tend to snack at least 3 times a day and most of the times it is something sweet.

2016 is the year of savory, salty and healthier snacking, so try and keep small containers of chickpeas, lentils, quinoa or sprouted grains on your desk and in your car.

It’s not that you cannot eat anything sweet, go with the things that have natural sweetness with nothing artificial added, have some dry fruits or honey added snacks as they are yummy and healthy.

Start Eating Chia Seeds Like Pets

Not a joke, eating chia seeds is something that every health conscious person needs to do this year. These tiny looking seeds will provide you with ample of proteins, omega fat, fiber and heart healthy ALA.

Chia seeds are no longer a celebrity food. While that is the case, just give them a try, and you can use them in some great ways. You can even make pancakes, adds them to oats and use soaked ones in your salads.

Smoothies Are In Trend

First of all, if you have always thought that smoothies are only a fruit device, go and try out a veggies one this time. You can use fresh greens such as kale and spinach to make yummy looking smoothies. These are power packed with enough nutrients to make you go healthy.

For the ones who have never been interested in juicing? This is the time to try something fresh, and to add to the taste you can use tricky veggies such as potato and beets. Therefore, they will take the taste to a new level.

Kefir Is The New Yogurt

If you love yogurt, you will simply admire kefir. This fermented dairy beverage realizes your dream of enjoying yogurt in a glass and that too packed with nutrients and vital probiotics.

With lesser calories and no big fat, this is an idyllic option for the ones who have hard weight loss goals in 2016. Always go in for plain Kefir, because the one that comes with added sugars and flavors won’t do much benefit to the health.

Seaweeds An Interesting Alternate To Kale

Seaweeds are known for their high nutrient profile that promises to do incredible benefits to your health, hair and skin. Furthermore, they are one of the coolest healthy food trends.

With health-conscious people going all gaga over this latest discovery, it brings to you nutrients from the sea. Because of that, that makes it a vital source of rare minerals.

Sushi joints across the globe have started various variants of Seaweeds. Even with that, the most interesting one is that humble salad that never goes wrong.

Adaptogens Promise To Make You Stress-Free

We have all heard of superfoods. Because of that, the concept of anti-stress foods has gained enough popularity in past few months.

Adaptogens are special healthy food trends that come with stress bursting properties and act as super herbs.

The ones that you can try are maca, ashwagandha, ginseng, and moringa. They will kick always all that stress bringing back that lost sunshine smile. Furthermore, you’ll feel healthier as well! So start purchasing these adaptogens!

In conclusion, looking at all these trends, I feel that this year is going to be a savory one! Because of the information, you’ll be more knowledgeable of healthier options!

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While these testimonials are from real people based on real experiences, they should be considered anecdotal.

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