The Real Beauty of the Tea

1. Tea Is SO Much Easier To Make Than Coffee

To make that amazing cup of coffee, you’re going to need a whole machine and hassle yourself grinding leaves. But with tea, all you need is a cup, boiling water, and tea leaves. It’s so simple and it’ll be done in minutes. And did I mention the quaint and fancy afternoon teas?

2. It Can Help You Shed Those Pesky Pounds

Having trouble losing the weight? Tea can help you out with that! A study shows that those who regularly consumed hot tea had lower waist circumference and BMI. It improves your metabolism while suppressing appetite. Tea is also free from calories, so you can have unlimited amounts of it without worrying about it going to your waist (without the milk or sugar, of course)!

3. More Smiles And No More Bad Breath

Black tea can help treat halitosis, as it contains chemical components which slow down any formation of bacteria that causes plaque. Japanese researches have also found out that tea decreases tooth loss, as it changes the pH levels in your mouth, which might prevent cavities. There is also no ingredient in tea that erodes tooth enamel, so you’ll have a brighter smile for a long time.

4. Tea Can Calm You Down

Are you stressed or have a ton of things to do (and not get ANY done) because of the pressure? Then have a cup of tea! It offers aromatherapy and can help relax you. Studies show that tea is a natural sleep aid, improving your quality of sleep. Plus, less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so you’re energized but without the jitters!

5. It Boosts Your Immune System

Do you have a problem with seasonal allergies? Having a cup of tea can help improve your immune system, preventing the colds! Certain teas can block those allergy-causing histamines, treat the pesky colds symptoms, and prevent other common illnesses like the flu from coming into your body!

6. Battles Out All Those Diseases

Tea is loaded with antioxidants, which can help protect you from a boatload of diseases, like cancers, cardiovascular diseases (it protects your heart), and even neurological degeneration! But of course, it isn’t a miracle cure but a drink that prevents these diseases from occurring. Another plus is that it can help diabetics process their sugars better.

7. You’ll Think Better

Tea is an amazing agent in treating and preventing neurological diseases, particularly degenerative ones like Alzheimer’s disease. Two cups of green tea a day can help with your learning skills and overall memory as well. You’ll have no more trouble remembering your next date!

8. Boosts Exercise Endurance

This is another plus for those who want to reach their goals in the gym or tracks! Studies show that green tea can boost your exercise endurance, thanks to the catechins and antioxidants. And because it improves your bone mineral density, you will have stronger bones to lift those weights. It also helps with burning more fat as fuel, so goodbye, pudgy arms and stomachs!

Have I convinced you well enough? Then head on to the kitchen and make that perfect cup of tea to enjoy these awesome benefits today!

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The Real Beauty of the Tea

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