Beauty Mistakes Making You Look 10 Years Older

We all want to look beautiful with that flawless looking skin but in order to achieve that we make some bad beauty mistakes that make us look old. Each one of us spends at least few minutes in front of the mirror to look out best, but not many watch for the products they are using and how and this is what makes up for that makeup blunder.

I have been watching interviews of top makeup artists across the globe and have compiled a list of few such beauty mistakes that not only make us look old but also take away that natural suppleness and radiance of the skin.

Top Beauty Mistakes 101

# Mistake- 1: Using A Heavy Foundation

Foundations are not meant for everyday use if you want that perfect glam up look daily; make sure that you go in for a sheer foundation. If possible, use a tinted moisturizer instead, it will give you the exact amount of coverage you need without looking cakey.

Use a damp sponge to evenly spread the foundation as it will soak away that excessive one that would have else made those wrinkles and fine lines clearly visible. Always keep in mind, with the foundation the lesser the better as this is going to give your face that dewy finish which will make you look young and fresh.Beauty-Mistakes-Making-You-Look-10-Years-Older-1

# Mistake- 2: A Pale Base

Even if you are blessed with a fair skin tone, make sure that you never go in for a pale yellow foundation as it is going to make you look older. Settle in for a shade that is one or two tones darker than your skin tone color as with this the luminescent particles present will make your face look younger.

# Mistake- 3: Same Concealer Shade For Everywhere

We all love to conceal, this not only highlights our facial features but makes it look more chiseled. The biggest blunder that most of the women make while using a concealer is that they use a single shade for every part of the face, be that chin, cheeks or forehead.  If you have wrinkles, always go in for a green toned concealer as it is going to hide all the flaws making you look good. To deal with under eye circles, a peach color concealer is what you need.

# Mistake- 4: Using Face Powder On Eye Area

Are you are using that face powder all over the face to get that matte finish? Make sure that you do not use it around the eyes. Using it on the nose, chin and other parts of the face is fine, but when applied on the top of eyes or even under the eyes? It makes the skin too dry, and with this, those fine lines become visible.

# Mistake- 5: Blush On The Apples Of Your Cheeks

Blush is everyone’s favorite makeup item as with just a little dash the entire face tends to glow. If you want to look young, never apply it on the apples of your cheek. Instead, go in for the highest point of the face. Make sure that you do not cover the entire cheekbone. Only just a few strokes will be enough. Always go in for fresh colors such as pink and rose. Avoid going in for heavy cinnamon or wine as they will make you look skinny.

# Mistake- 6: Skipping On The Lip Liner

With age, your natural lip line tends to fade away and this is where a lip liner comes to help. If you avoid using a lip liner the lipstick is going to bleed away making you look feathered. Always go in for the lip liner of the same color. And if want, you can fill in your lips with it. Do this before applying the lipstick, as this would act to the longevity.

# Mistake- 7: Using Bright& Dark Lipstick Shades

We all know that your favorite lip color all these years has been metallic, bronze and brown. Now that your lips have started thinning out, try to go in for softer but neutral shades. You can add some good rosy pinks and reds to the vanity. Team them with a gloss for that extra spunk.

# Mistake- 8: Eyeliner & Mascara On The Lower Lashes

The area around the eyes tends to age faster than rest of the face. Because of this, you need to take extra care when doing eye makeup. Stop using mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes. This is going to bring in all the attention towards those fine lines and dark circles.

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