Weekly Workout Routine To Lose Weight

Follow This Weekly Workout Routine To Lose Weight!

Still on that guesswork in the gym? Want to lose weight without making any mistakes? Well, here is a complete routine that you need to follow on day to day basis. Weight loss can be an overwhelming process especially for the ones who have hit the gym for the first time and are plainly clueless. Although, every gym has a fitness trainer, but not many times you get the kind of advice you are looking in for or may be the trainer doesn’t have much time to attend to those queries every time. I have been on a weight loss regime all my life all thanks to my genetic makeup. So I made a weekly workout routine.


For me, gym is my second home as this is the area where I spend good 2-3 hours daily, but now I am not just working out to maintain my weight but helping others shed that extra fat in a correct way. I do not like to confuse people with those numbers; I make them understand the basics so that they can understand the goals pretty clearly. Working as a personal trainer for at least a decade now, I have divided weekdays into different training levels and with this I have seen that people are able to burn more fat and that too without going calorie deficit.

My goal is to help people lose weight but not by making them feeling deprived, if you too want to know about this effectual and proven weekly weight loss routine, please continue reading…

Sunday: Do Your Favorite Activity

Sunday needs to be a fun day at the workout too, so I ask my clients to do what interests them be that swimming, biking, hiking, playing any sport or running. The goal is to workout for 45-60 minutes giving heart that enough pump so that more carbohydrates are burned.

Monday: Focus On Eating Right & Drinking Plenty

You have already worked so hard in the gym last week, so Monday is going to be on the lighter side. This is the day to pamper yourself, get a salt bath and roll on your couch if the muscles feel sore. Just take out 90 minutes to take a light stroll of if you can manage to do a brisk walk.

Tuesday: High-Intensity Workout

Now that you have relaxed your body, get into the pumping mode once again with some high-intensity exercises. You can work at your highest intensity for shortest intervals such as 15 seconds or 25 seconds, then have a short rest and repeat at least 6 to 8 rounds of this. With this, your body will continue to burn those calories even after you have left the gym.

Wednesday: Go Moderate

Today the focus will be on lifting weight rather than on spiking high the heart rate. This is a day dedicated to strength training and it is going to help you burn more calories and that too at a faster speed. You can go in for squats and presses to engage all the muscles.Weekly-Workout-Routine-To-Lose-Weight-2

Thursday: Go Minimal

By this time of the week the energy meter will surely be deep low, so indulge in something interesting and least effort requiring, such as climbing, rowing, running or walking. To add some spice, you cab mix and match any two of these to enjoy the workout session.

Friday: Restoration Time

Now is the time to focus on every part of your body. For this, you need to go in for stretching, balancing, and full body workout. Take small challenges and try to complete these without causing any injury as this should be your goal for Friday.

Saturday:  Cardio Time

Now that its weekend and you have a leisure day tomorrow, go and do some cardio. This is the day when you are not working on power and strength. Just try out all those fancy equipment in the gym to bring out your maxim power. To rev up the calorie burn, play with plyometric boxes and wreck bags.

In Conclusion

With this routine alone, you might not get results in that stipulated time frame. Be patient. Before you get into the workout mode prepare your body, try out a good detox product from Slimfy. It is going to shed away all those toxins and revive your energy levels from within. Go in for a detox at least once a month while on a workout. As a result, that those nasty toxins and fats do not get a chance to settle in there.


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While these testimonials are from real people based on real experiences, they should be considered anecdotal.

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