Wellness Trends For This Year!

With wellness a current obsession, there is one thing that promises to go strong in coming months go green and organic. People are going crazy with their fitness gears and are quite mindful of what they eat and this is indeed a great sign. Skincare products too are going organic as now for the beauty aficionados, it is more about watchful makeup and not just decoration. If we look at the current global drink and trends, most of the health and wellness trends revolve around healthy eating and consuming less of processed fats and sugars.

Today, people prefer homemade natural food. Here are some health and wellness trends that promise to rule the world until the end of 2016 and even in 2017.

Wellness Trends of 2016 and 2017


#Trend 1: Carbs Are Back On The Menu

With carbs making a comeback on the menu, items such as oats, rice, and even bread have found a place in kitchens worldwide. Nutritionists are making people aware of the vital nutrients present in these food items and thus the ones who want to workout need to add these to the menu for long lasting energy. Now the people have distinguished between bad and good carbs and have added fiber, whole grains and carbohydrates to the daily diet.

#Trend 2: Give Your Gut Some Fermented Drinks

All those processed foods and aerated drinks we have consumed in the past years have ruined the health of our gut! Fermented drinks such as kefir, miso paste, sauerkraut and even fermented green or black tea have been made a part of the daily diet. People are replacing coconut water with drinks containing yeast and bacteria to iWellness-Trends-For-This-Year-2mprove gut health.

#Trend 3: Make a Healthy Transition- Turn Vegan

With the egg eating population going in for tofu, one thing is for sure! This year is going to be all about veganism. The number of vegan population is growing. There are now a lot of protein-rich foods available worldwide. This way, people will feel satisfied without feeling deprived. It is not that everyone is going to turn vegan by the year ends, though. But people will most likely start going for healthier, vegetarian options for protein!

#Trend 4: Cloud Bread Will Be A Preferred Snack

This trend is for the ones who want to treat their body with something sumptuous. And furthermore, without feeling guilty. Cloud bread is a low carb alternative. Cloud bread is made out of honey, cream cheese, eggs and tartar cream. You can try this bread in two different textures. One is crispy brown, while one is when the bread is taken out of the oven. Another is a soft bread like feel that you get after storing it in the fridge overnight.

#Trend 5: Want To Lose Weight- Start Sipping Detox- Teas

Now this is one such health and wellness trend popular with famous celebrities! And it is now passing to the general public too. Homemade detox teas are in great demand. As a result, there are many brands that are coming out with all natural formulations to help you lose weight in a jiffy. This is one such beverage providing real benefits. Furthermore, it does not cause any discomfort. Pour a cup of your favorite detox tea and enjoy it twice daily. As a result, it will bring down your weight. It will also manage the blood pressure levels too.

#Trend 6: Dry Brush Your Body For Improved Blood Circulation

Health benefits of dry brushing are many; it is just that you need to do it the right way. Rub your body with a brush. As a result, it gets rid of dry skin and toxins. Your get to improve blood circulation, as well. Dry brushing exfoliates your body and invigorates it from within leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

#Trend 7: Waist Toning Workouts A Huge Hit

These are also called hourglass workouts. These promise to slim down your waistline taking away all that extra fat and flab from the belly area. This kind of workout is best for the ones who want an athletic body that looks perfectly sculpted.

#Trend 8: Meditate For Healthy Body & Peaceful Mind

Another popular health and wellness trend this year! People have added meditation to their daily fitness and workout regime. It tends to calm them down and reduce stress as well.  Try and find a comfy corner in your home. After that, do some meditation daily to kill away that stress that might have contributed to excessive weight gain.

These are just a few of the wellness trends we expect to come out!

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